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Mickey Keating’s ‘Psychopaths’ is Going to Be a Surreal Fever Dream! (Exclusive)



I love Mickey Keating, who is going to be one of your favorite genre filmmakers by the end of this year. If you haven’t already seen his black and white masterpiece, Darling, do so immediately. Then check out his “Twilight Zone”-esque Pod, as well as Ritual, with his survival horror Carnage Park also now on VOD. The dude’s been busy, and has yet to disappoint.

Next up is Psychopaths, described as a sprawling, psychedelic ensemble piece that follows several serial killers over the course of a single night.

Bloody Disgusting was able to nab the first batch of casting, which included all sorts of genre vets from The Battery director Jeremy Gardner to Graham Skipper (The Mind’s Eye, Almost Human), Helen Rogers (V/H/S, Body), Matt Mercer (Contracted, Madison County, The Mind’s Eye), Larry Fessenden (Southbound, The Mind’s Eye, In a Valley of Violence), with Sam Zimmerman, Mark Kassen (Alone, Jobs), Ivana Shein (Meadowland, The Woods), and James Landry Hébert (HBO’s “Westworld”).

It was then announced that Keating would also reteam with Carnage Park star Ashley Bell, while also enlisting The Final Girls‘ Angela Trimbur.

We’re excited to share with you the first ever image from Psychopaths, which puts Bell is an extremely different kind of role. As for the film, well, Keating is once again tackling a new subgenre that touches on Giallo, as well as Altman films!

“This one’s completely different from anything I’ve done before,” Keating told us. “I hope it throws people for a loop. I wrote it right after we wrapped Darling. We definitely wanted to make it like some sort of surreal fever dream. There’s a song and dance sequence, there’s split screens, there’s nods to several Giallo and Altman films. First and foremost it’s an ensemble piece and I’m very excited for everybody to see the performances.”

Watch this spot for more as we find out when and where Psychopaths will World Premiere.


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