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Artist Illustrates ’70s and ’80s Love Songs as Stephen King Book Covers



Now this is awesome.

Stephen King has somehow remained as popular in the present day as he was when he first came onto the scene, which is a testament to just how much of a master he truly is. In fact, one could argue that King is more popular today than he ever was – with adaptations of tales like IT, The Dark Tower, and Gerald’s Game on the way, King is truly living up to his name in 2017.

And then there was last year’s “Stranger Things,” which returns for its second season this coming Halloween night. The show was described by King himself as a “greatest hits” compilation of his own work, which is a pretty fair description. In many ways, the Netflix series was a love letter to King, right down to the logo font being very clearly inspired by King’s classic book covers.

Speaking of which, artist “Butcher Billy” just drew inspiration from Stephen King book covers for a really cool art series that imagines classic love songs as King-penned horror novels!

The artist explained the fun project:

Stephen King is one of the most influential authors of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. His dark and twisted imagination has been crucial in shaping the contemporary pop culture since the late 70’s – when his novels were first discovered by filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and Brian De Palma – until more recently with modern TV series like Stranger Things paying homage to his brilliant influence and monumental contribution to pop culture.

This series imagines an alternate universe in which some of the most hopeless, desperate and tragic heartbreak songs of the 70’s and 80’s were actually novels written by Stephen King. The concept is to look at the dark side of love through the lenses of pop culture, bringing twisted aspects of his classic stories to play with the original meanings of the songs – that can be completely subverted or strangely emphasized, while paying tribute to the vintage design of the original book covers.

Check out the series below and see the art on faux VHS boxes over on Behance!