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[TV Review] “The Strain”: Episode 1.09, ‘The Disappeared’



“The Disappeared” represents a lot of what’s wrong with The Strain’s first season. It’s a bothersome step to the left in terms of character, plot, and exposition. The moments of horror are genuinely terrifying but fail to elevate the episode past the point of mediocre.

The obvious issue in this episode is the heavy focus on Eph’s relationship with his son. The actor playing Zack is bothersome in his performance. I just really wish TV would stay away from child actors, since this is a constant reminder that one of the supposed strongest relationships in the show is so terrible.

Speaking of terrible why the hell would our group of heroes decide to slpit up this week after the hell they lived through last week. It defies all logic and pushes the show into a more make believe world where people don’t seem to react to the world around them.

Hell most of the dialogue is atrociously referencing exposition this week. With most characters dumbfounded and reacting to the chaos of the city around them like it’s something completely normal.

The flashbacks are the only saving grace of the week. They push to add even more to Abraham and Eichorst’s relationship and push the overall conflict of the series in an even more interesting direction. There were a couple reveals inside that added a great deal of complexity to the time in the concentration camp. And the scenes with The Master were terrifying. The immense stature of that creature makes any scene he’s in dominate you.

Everything with Vasily and the hacker girl felt forced bordering on unnecessary. I didn’t quite understand the motivation for having those scenes between them. Especially when the vampire came into her house and she just looked at him with wide eyes. Jesus woman, you just say legions of these things descend upon a gas station. It defies logic.

Which is the biggest problem with “The Disappeared.”  Everything defies logic. Nothing has consequence and everything just feels like it’s stalling to carry us into next week. Don’t even get me started on the sex scene between Nora and Eph. I thought it was profoundly useless and completely out of place. But I digress.

The show was hitting it’s stride only to take a maddening detour in what could be the worst episode of the series. Everything really chugged along this week and barely held my attention. I wanted new developments, I wanted more conflict, and I wanted that insane action from last week. Instead I waited forty minutes for the one scene between The Master and Eichorst.

Let’s hope next week is better.

Stray Thoughts:

–       The bread truck is a amazing set. I just love seeing Abraham take himself so seriously surrounding by loaves of bread.

–       Nora’s mother is the worst, and the feeble attempt at comedy with her as so groan inducing.

–       Are we really to believe anything that our characters did this week, Jesus Christ, these are supposed professionals and they’re acting worse than sexed up teen archetypes from 80’s slashers.

What did you think of “The Disappeared” ?