Black Mirror (Netflix)

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Full trailer for Season 4 has dropped with an official release date of December 29.

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  • This is easily one of the best shows out there.

    I'll be binging this the second it airs. Nothing has disturbed me quite like Black Mirror. If anyone hasn't seen it, you are missing out.
  • Season 4 hit today, first episode is awesome. Already filled with some of the most disturbing shit imaginable.

    Watch this everyone..
  • Yessssssssss

    Will be binging tonight. Report back soon
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  • Haven't seen any of this show yet. So I'm guessing it's pretty messed up, disturbing, weird etc ??
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    It can get pretty messed up, yeah. If you're someone who likes high concept ideas, sci-fi, socio-political commentary served up with the darkest of humor, then Black Mirror is an absolute must.

    The first batch of stories were more contained, low budget but still really cool. I don't think season one was particularly big outside of the UK audience. However, since it moved to Netflix, the audience has expanded, and they have the money to explore infinite ideas - the creativity has got pretty wild. There's not really another show like it.
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    Watch the Jon Hamm Christmas episode if you wanna get sucked right in.


    "episode" these are films
  • ^ you're right, my bad
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  • One down.

    USS Callister was a lot of fun. It's good to be back.
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    I would argue Black Mirror is one of the most disturbing shows ever made. Not so much the content itself, but the fact that it's way too believable to actually happen in a near future.

    Nothing on TV made me squirm like the "Shut up and Dance" episode. My stomach was in knots. This is Nightmare fuel for fully grown adults.

    The show isn't only dark and unsettling though, it's incredibly smart and sometimes brilliant. The San Junipero episode handles the tone different than the others but I couldn't stop thinking about that ending for almost a week. Highly recommended.
  • @Glass Eater

    I remember seeing Shut Up and Dance the first time and by the end I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. You described it perfectly with "nightmare fuel".

    The show isn't always so bleak though. What I've found continually surprising about Black Mirror is there are just as many tender, beautiful moments as there are horrifying. Charlie Brooker has a big heart in there somewhere that every once in a while explodes onto film.

    Just watched Hang the DJ from S4. Wow, just... wow. Perfect example of what I'm talking about. This year's San Junipero. Brooker is an absolute genius.
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    Color me intrigued. I need to start watching this.
  • Half way done, three left to go!

    Crocodile was super dark, but that final twist had me laughing my ass off!
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    Watched the first 2 eps of S2. USS Callister was fucking awesome. Arkangel was kinda bleh. I kept waiting for some big sci-fi twist, but it was really just a simple drama with a sci-fi element.

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    Just finished Hang the DJ.. simply Wooooooow... Unbelievable.


    I have the same feelings toward Arkangel, I enjoyed it but it was too familiar for Black Mirror territory (as if we have seen it before) but yeah USS Calister was dope af.
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    Finished the season today. The best episodes IMO are USS Calister, Hang the DJ and Black Museum In no particular order.

    Black Museum stands as one of the darkest, most twisted episodes in the whole show, some truly horrifying stuff happens in this episode that most horror fans will absolutely want to check out.
  • Callister is my favorite from the new season it's a great throwback, Crocodile was the weakest in my opinion as it was absurd the way it went.

    Black Museum was a nice anthology on it's own.

    They were all pretty good.
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    Just watched Crocodile. Not a fan. Admittedly, I was mostly lost early on due to the somewhat odd and uneven narrative, and the accents and mumbling by the actors, but the story itself just wasn't that satisfying.

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  • Surprised nobody's mentioned Metalhead. Has there ever been anything like it? Great work as usual from Spade, quick/hard and pretty little spin on a trouble in the woods horror.
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    On a visual level I'd say Metalhead is the best one, and the robot was pretty cool too. Ultimately though, it's story didn't interest me too much, atleast compared to others in the season.

    I don't think there is another episode like it in the show though.
  • This season was incredibly disappointing.
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