I saw the play in London. Very pissed off.I want my money back! I totally agree with this brutal video review by Bleeding Critic. -


  • @Midnight-Kroovy Is this the same production you attended?
  • @vikki237 @gwally Yeah, this is the play I saw at the Phoenix Theatre. The problem is it doesn't work as a serious piece, there isn't much depth to the characters or story and it certainly won't get under your skin.

    Fortunately I read the reviews beforehand and knew what to expect. Seeing it on Halloween night we were all there wanting to have fun and it worked on that level as we all cheered the head spin and screamed at the lighting effects. It got a big standing ovation at the end.

    Drinking and dress up with friends it works, if you go expecting an alternate vision on the novel you will be very disappointed.
  • I was going to buy my ticket this week. Thanks Guys. My time & money will not be wasted. vikki, that video review you posted by BC is excellent. Thanks for that. Here's his latest release:
  • vikki237vikki237 London, UK
    I'm gonna check those places out thanks for posting AB!
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