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  • I bought the Firefly 2 which is the best herbal/concentrate vaporizer on the market and its amazing! Takes 2 secs to heat up, the bowl of weed glows and you can watch it slowly brown. It uses waaaay less weed than my previous vape but gets me more high so will save me money in the long run. Because the bowl is only heated when you inhale you don't waste anything either. Super efficent.

    Quality of vapor is brlliant as well, can actually taste all the flavours. If you go the herbal vape route its definitely worth paying the premium.
  • ooo I do love a cigar although my tobacco days are behind me now (not that I ever smoked much anyway). I'll save myself the pleasure of cigars for some special occasions though I reckon.
  • gwallygwally Snowhio
    I'm an occasional pipe smoker. I wouldn't know a good cigar if one rolled up and bit me. I know some cigar smokers and they usually have something pleasant to try.
  • Have a margarita made with Jose Cuervo Gold right now.

    Fucking delicious.
  • I'm a fuckin stoner

    $8 wine and palm bays what you know about that
  • Does anybody smoke Hash?
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  • Fuck life..... I just bought a 12 pack of 211.

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  • Fuck it, going to drink myself into oblivion.
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  • Me too
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  • nancenance maryland
    saw bruce campbell live tonight...was very baked...had a super good time.
  • Have a monster Kirkland Canadian blend bottle. Couple fingers in a glass and I'm good. I do look forward to the day in which I can sit quietly on my front porch and fire a bowl (and remain free) and laugh at the kids on my lawn instead of yelling at them.
  • I tried hash, I struggle to get it right but when I do its proper intense and knocks you on your arse for a couple of mins but then it clears and you are left with a relaxing body high and very clear head. Probably just gonna stick to weed though.
  • nancenance maryland
    it's been a long time since i used hash, but it used to just make me feel super heavy and tired. i would mix a little with pot, like put some flakes of it on top, and that tended to work better, a slightly lighter high.
  • I question the quality of the hash here tbh, I heard good Hash is supposed to bubble when heated. It's probably not worth sprinkling it for me.
  • nancenance maryland
    yeah, i definitely am no one to comment on the quality. it came in little tarry black cubes. bubbled a little. i'd scrape flakes off with a knife to sprinkle on pot. if i did the hash straight, i just felt leaden.
  • Wild Turkey on the rocks. Taking it slow....................

    ~God of the fly.. release your seed of filth, to grow and conquer, on death, on myself..~
  • No it ain't no seed in my sack, you ain't never gotta ask dawg

    What he smokin' on - shit, kush till my mind gone

    Whatchu think I'm on, eyes low, I'm blown

    High as a mothafucka

    Yeah no question bout it
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