The Cloverfield Paradox

OK, so this is unprecedented...

I can't speak for the movie yet (I'll be watching tomorrow probably) but the way they just threw this out there, no warning, no ads, straight to the people

this is a game changer, surely?
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    I love how they handled the release of this movie, like you said no trailers, warning, nothing.

    With that said I just finished watching it. I'm still on the fence here, ultimately I'd say it's my least favorite out of the three. My biggest complaint is how much it doesn't feel like Cloverfield.
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    I've read on multiple websites and users said it sucked without spoiling. I guess I will have to wait for critic score/rating/grade on this one.
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  • The movie might very well be a total turd, but it's beside the point. In terms of distribution it's a stroke of genius. It went up against, what... 4 or 5 major franchise trailers and won the night. That's insane. If Netflix released their numbers, I think we'd see they're having a very good night indeed.
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  • Definitely neat seeing it just pop up out of nowhere. I had read Netflix was eyeing this but never knew a deal was made. I like the name change, as well.
  • I love the way it just came out of nowhere. The film itself was alright.
  • Yep, it's currently sitting at 13 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and I will never watch this movie. Move along.
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    Because you can't think for yourself?
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    Nope. That idiot only follows "the masses" on his opinion of movies. Unless it's sentimental, a remake or reboot, then he loses his shit for no reason whatsoever.

    And the release method of this movie was surprising, but there was plenty of preview material for months now when it was still called "God Particle" and was planned to hit theaters in April. A week or two ago the rumor that Netflix was buying it and going to premiere on themselves instead of theaters came out. Little did anyone know that was the only forewarning anyone would get prior to the release.

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  • Cloverfield was great. Not wonderful..but like a couple fucking.

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    The movie was alright. If it hadn't gotten bogged down in the middle where it seemed obvious they got lost connecting A to B, it would have been even better. But overall, it looked beautiful on Netflix and had a great tie-in to the Cloverfield universe. Fuck those assholes on RT!!!! The IMDBers have it right, where the vast majority rated it between 6 and 8.

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  • It's not genius marketing, it's "this movie is shit so lets throw it out and cash in on the hype" marketing. Better than tanking in theaters or building to a VOD release
  • Mixed views on this one.

    For a start, it's not nearly as bad as the Tomatometer would suggest. The audience score of 59% is actually kind of on the money. Because there's quite a few things to like about it. The cast, for one, is great. Julius Onah directs with competency for his first feature. There's interesting ideas played with, even if not wholly illustrated, and the attempt to link to the greater mythology I thought was quite well done for what it was. The main issues are a weak script that, as mentioned, doesn't follow through with what it sets out, it's complete transparency as a retrofit for the Cloverfield brand (the final shot was completely laughable) and I think quite importantly, it just wasn't cinematic enough. Especially when you put it up against other Netflix content like Black Mirror - which incidently, this kind of felt like a weaker episode of.

    I still stand by what I said originally though, because it's only hindsight which tells us why Paramount probably decided to dump it on Netflix. But for the short amount of time it dropped before the general consensus was known, it did exactly what they intended and probably got a shit tonne of play in the first 24 hours. So in that regard, it was a genius move. They knew what they had, and they duped us. They created a lot of buzz out of a substandard product. That's good (albeit sneaky) marketing.

    I have to say though, this does make me slightly concerned about Alex Garland's Annihilation, another Paramount property which is also getting dumped on Netflix this year. It's one of my most highly anticipated movies of 2018. I hope I'm wrong. What reason could there be for doing so if there is obviously a marketplace for intelligent Sci-fi as Arrival proved?
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    Annihilation is getting normal theatrical release in US, Canada, China. It's just many international markets that are getting Netflix release. Doesn't mean the movie is bad, but may not be one all general audiences are going to relate to.Ex Machina didn't have a major wide release and was brilliant, but wasn't for many of the common folk. I'm not too worried. I still think Annihilation will be worth seeing. Plus,Arrival came out during holiday season. February is far from prime blockbuster season. Some smaller budget films have just been doing decent coin early in the year the past couple of years.

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  • Ex Machina did as well as it could have given the circumstances. Massive success, even with the common folk.

    Just starting Cloverfield so
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    OK I more or less agree that as a movie it just kind of exists, but I stand by my original thought. This movie would have died a death on a theatrical run. It being a brand name after the success of the last film, the response would be even worse. We aren't factoring in the marketing budget that they'd have either. I'm sure Paramount got paid and Netflix has another winner (in terms of viewership) for the homegrown library they're trying to build.


    Can we go back to the large scale action horror instead of this bottled dramatic tension bullshit?
  • Let's not pretend that the Cloverfield franchise was great, to begin with. The first is just a big monster trashing a city. Not excusing the flaws of this flick, but let's all calm down about these movies.
  • I think Cloverfield is very good
  • The final shot was definitely the highlight of the film.
  • I really didn't care for the first, but not a fan of found footage for the most part, but some have been cool

    Cloverfield was a neat idea otherwise tho. I'll prolly see this sooner or later tho

    It was the cow...

  • Both Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane are great...

    Cloverfield remains a seminal found-footage movie. I don't think it's a masterpiece or anything, but it's pretty damn good.

    tbh I'm quite surprised Abrams and Goddard would want their names attached to this. They've kind of killed the brand.
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