RIP Art Bell

Art always had a golden voice, but in his early years he was lost in the shuffle of the mainstream world - just another political commentator. Then he had a deceptively simple idea that would send his ratings through the roof and change the landscape of modern radio:

Invite people to call in and tell the strangest things that ever happened to them - alien abductions, psychic revelations, ghost encounters, and then... (wait for it)... don't make fun of them.

And do it at night.

RIP Art Bell, 1945-2018 (Friday the 13th, of all days)


  • Great guy, and yeah, not like he tried to climb on anyone's bandwagon, just go with the flow and give people a place to express themselves and the things they saw or 'saw'

    The respect the guests got made it possible to listen to, and consider what could be out there. Some still sounded like complete crackpots, others told a great story, others saw stuff, and maybe what they saw was real, even they didn't always know for sure, but it gave us a chance to evaluate it without getting a flim flam like pitch and just the 'facts' instead

    It was the cow...

  • @Willowfang Good point on how the host's objectivity made it possible for the audience to decide for themselves. Not sure about my own belief - I have people I trust and care about in my life who swear they've had paranormal experiences, and I believe them, but who knows if it was just hallucinations or something? The human mind is capable of strange things.

    My personal favorites are Ghost to Ghost, Father Malachi Martin, and the Amityville Horror interviews. Also just love Art's voice - could listen to him read a grocery list and be happy. I guess some people were just born to talk.
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