2018 All Genre Draft Discussion Thread

Welcome to the 1st Annual All Genre Draft on the new B-D!

The Rules:

--Sign-ups will be open until Thursday, May 3 @ 11:00PM EST. If you would like to participate, send me a PM and I will add you to the list. There will be no add-ons once the first round has been completed.
--You must have either participated or voted in a previous B-D draft. New participants must be approved by a moderator.
--We will be utilizing a snake draft that goes from top to bottom, bottom to top, etc. with the people at each end drafting twice.
--Players will draft 10 films.
--Participants will have 15 hours to make their selections.
--If a participant misses a draft pick they may make the pick up at the end of the draft.
--A second missed pick will result in automatic removal.
--Leave your picks with someone if you know you won’t be available to post.
--First Round match-ups will be posted 1 week after all picks have been made and will remain open for 48 hours. Length of voting time will be adjusted accordingly for additional matches. PLEASE VOTE.
--Drafting will start Sunday, May 6 @ 12:00PM EST.

--Please post your picks using the following format: Film (Year) - Director


Jaws (1975) - Steven Spielberg


  • nancenance maryland
    i'm in! pm about to be sent!
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    Pm sent. Giggidy!
  • Just a heads up. My list might seem at first like it would be better suited for the horror draft, and for good reason. I was originally going to save these picks for October but I've decided to take a sabbatical from the site and I'm not sure when I'll be back. With that being said, I'd like to go out on one last hurrah and make picks that IMHO are truly interesting and worth discussing with others. In particular, my list will be in large part be a meditation on Evil, especially as it relates to Demonology. I've been thinking a lot about the nature of Evil lately, what with everything that's been happening in the world (Syria, mass shootings, etc.). Is humanity inherently evil, or is there some other force at work that brings out the worst in people? My list (at least the first half) will reflect these thoughts. There will also be elements of action, drama, SciFi, comedy and even parody in my list. Nevertheless, I'll understand if my list gets 0 or negative points because of the overarching horror elements. I'm not in it to win it. I merely want a platform to discuss all the crazy things going on in my head at the moment and thought the draft would give me an opportunity to do just that. Long story short, I hope you guys and gals enjoy my list and that it gets you thinking.
  • gwallygwally Snowhio
    Looking forward to it, Puf!
  • Thanks! I almost chickened out and went with something more draft friendly but nope I'm sticking with my list and theme.
  • gwallygwally Snowhio
    I recently watched a movie that fits your theme. I'm interested to see if it'll show up on your list.
  • Good news! My friend Cerraphim will be joining the draft. =)
  • Cool. Welcome, Cerraphim!
  • How many have signed up?
  • Only 7. My friend just lost her pet so I'm going to check in with her today to see if she still wants to play. I'll post the draft order tonight.
  • I heard back from her, she still wants to play. Here's the draft order:

    Orville Ketchum
    H.P. Pufncraft
  • A nice short draft similar to the soundtrack one we had a while back.
  • gwallygwally Snowhio
    Pick is in!
  • nancenance maryland
    pick is in!
  • 2 classic movies that I've never seen. I'll rectify this.
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    Pick is in
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
  • Sorry I was out at work. Pick is in now!
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