Off-Topic Thread May 2018: The Sacrificial Virgin Edition

gwallygwally Snowhio
Welcome to May!

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  • I was in the middle of posting in the other OTT thread and it just went haywire lol.

    I don't mind less taxes and less people, I'd like to move to Idaho or Montana as I don't mind snow.
  • gwallygwally Snowhio
    Sorry about that Freddy.

  • It's all good.

    Weird how the page got all funky though.
  • MaydayMayday - Mega-City One
    WTF gwally, you're into sacrifices now?

    And, for those who aren't paying attention, today is officially May Day!!!


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  • _Blakelock__Blakelock_ - OHMSS
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    I had four days off. They were glorious. Back to work tonight. Fuck this.
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  • RustyNailFromHellRustyNailFromHell Is between your girlfriend legs, while her parents watch with approval.
    Has Fangoria come back? Just receive a notice about a one year subscription on Facebook.
  • It was the cow...

  • Was a little something I saw a bit ago, Fangoria has indeed come back from the dead, we'll have to wait and see if it becomes great again or what tho

    It was the cow...

  • Fangoria is producing the new Puppet Master film.
  • Supposed to be the hottest bank holiday weekend here since records began! Just gonna put my feet up and crank up the music.
  • Thinking about taking acting classes or joining a sports club or something just to shake up my routine and challenge myself.

    Getting up and acting in front a bunch of people is a fear of mine as I'm too laid back and introverted but it's something I'd definitely gain a lot from...
  • I'm not a fan of sports unless I'm shooting a gun (paintball, clay pigeon) but I love acting and I actually do well in front of large groups of people.

    It's definitely a great way to challenge yourself.
  • Capitals have made the conference finals for the first time since I've been a fan. Countless hours watching almost every game with nothing but heartbreak come playoff time. We've finally done it. I'm riding a crazy high right now, can't believe it or comprehend these feelings. So much time wasted but we're here!

  • Ah, it's good to be back.
  • nancenance maryland

    fangoria is coming back in a quarterly deluxe format. by subscription only!
  • I had the most unoriginal Nazi ever as a customer today. He had the SS symbol tattooed on both sides of his neck and NAZI tattooed on both knuckles. Guess everyone has a right to be an idiot.
  • Are you sure he hadn't just been drunk on someones couch?
  • The tattoos looked pretty real to me.
  • MaydayMayday - Mega-City One
    So you're saying Oxley came into your store?

    Jury. Executioner. Judge.#RebootsAndRemakesForever

  • Nah, he'd have CUNT on his knuckle.
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