Star Wars: Han Solo

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I couldn't fucking wait to hear people saying it will be another 'disappointing Star Wars movie'.

"THE FORCE AWAKENS was disappointing!" Blah blah blah....
"THE LAST JEDI was a huge disappointment!" Blah blah blah....
"ROGUE ONE disappointed me!" Blah blah blah

The critics are already coming in and say it's a fun SW movie they've seen. If the audiences expecting it to be terrible, how does that sound?

I will go see it if it's a very good film and well written like THE FORCE AWAKENS, THE LAST JEDI, and ROGUE ONE did. I'm not expecting it to be worst installment than the prequel movies but still, it looks like a fun film. I'm looking forward to this!
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  • Looks neat

    I liked Rogue One, but not 7 nor could I care at all about ever seeing 8

    That the special editions were even made was disappointing, 1-3 were pretty flawed, but glad I saw them

    I'll be sure to see this someday, but the trailer doesn't feel very Star Warzy

    Honestly, I wish they'd just reboot and start over about 1-2 thousand years ago, go with TV and movies, the narrative now is just so all over the place with no one overseeing it all by the look of things, 1 guy going one way, next guy going another, and the original outline not always being followed. It's like the real Star Wars just doesn't exit anymore

    It was the cow...

  • This new generation of Star Wars fans is truly mind-numbing, or is it just because the internet gives them a platform to be keyboard warriors? They bash the shit out of the Disney movies, yet they're always the first in line to see them.

    I can appreciate peoples complaints about TLJ, but TFA and R1 are solid movies. The critical reception so far towards this is mainly positive, considering that the majority was reshot. I'm looking forward to this.
  • In the case of TFA and R1, the initial reaction was actually overwhelmingly positive. But then everyone went into sheep mode and start reiterating the same cynical, butthurt rhetoric. Apparently it's impossible to have a mind of your own these days. Same thing happened with Wonder Woman. The MCU movies are the only ones that seem to get out unscathed even with massive glaring problems because Marvel fans have always got their blinkers on.

    I've never been much of a Star Wars fan, neither the saga's or spin-offs or whatever. It just wasn't a big deal to me growing up, and so my opinions are pretty much unwavering even now. Infact, R1 was probably my favorite SW movie to date which probably tells you how big (or little) of a fan I am. Solo doesn't look half as bad as we were led to believe from the production horror stories... actually looks pretty fun.
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    @gunsrazorsknives It really amazed me people act like the Disney Star Wars movies did not go the way they wanted. I mean, what's the point? TFA, TLJ, and R1 are all pure Star Wars to me and the film-making and quality those movies were outstanding. I just don't get why these SW movies gets too much hate.

    Also, Star Wars attacking the CEO/President named Kathleen Kennedy feels like personal attack and it's shameful. We cannot let haters win.
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    OMFG you hypocrite asshole. Before you started this 'hater cannot win' bullshit all you did was hate on everyone and everything. You polluted the old boards with thread after thread about 'STOP BEGGING FOR REMAKES AND SEQUELS AND REBOOTS THEY ALL SUCK AND YOU ALL SUCK FOR BEGGING FOR THEM" And the even more classically stupid "FUCK SENTIMENTALITY! NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO FEEL SENTIMENTAL ABOUT THINGS BECAUSE I HATE OLD THINGS AND REMEMBERING THEM". Yet now your crusade is fuck everybody who has a negative opinion about the new SW movies just because you have a hard on for them. All of which, I must point are REMAKES/REBOOTS AND SEQUELS and absolutely CRAWLING WITH SENTIMENTALITY!. So go fuck you own face you fucking asshole troll. Disappear to whatever dark corner you slunk into to cry for the past few months and stay there instead of infesting our boards with your trolling bullshit.

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  • Mayday.

    A modern day hero.
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  • nancenance maryland
    i mean, it's star wars; of course i'm fucking excited. i learned a long time ago never to take anything for granted. we live in an age where regular star wars movies will be coming out forever probably. so far, they're 3 for 3 in my book, with all of them providing this sonn to be 47 year-old with the right mixture of childhood nostalgia, optimistic joy, and mental and emotional engagement. honestly, this will be easily the star wars movie i'm least looking forward to--han solo is harrison ford--but whatever, you can bet your ass i'll be there opening day with my kids. some of the movies will be good, some bad, even fewer, great. but i'll happily enjoy them till i'm dead, i can promise you that much.

    and since the phantom menace provides the blueprint for ruination--hideously racist, terrible dialogue, an almost fetishistic dependence on mundane politics--they can never be that bad, right? and i saw that fucker 6 times in the theater, and it wasn't even till the fourth where i started to think that maybe this movie wasn't so great.
  • But but, the Phantom Menace has Pod racing :p
  • There are only three Star Wars movies. Everything else is either the delusions of a madman or evil mega-corporation. I do like Donald Glover as Lando though.
  • No there are only two Star Wars movies.

    If we can't accept Jar jar in our lives then I'll be damned accepting the most powerful empire in the universe got their ass kicked by teddy bears.
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  • nancenance maryland
    as silly as jedi was, at least it was fun and engaging. 12 year-old me didn't mind the ewoks, and i'm a sucker for primitives destroying mighty tech.
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    @nance I very much agree.

    That's also my I love Episode 1. It's a ridiculous movie, but it knows how to have fun.

    Because WOW, I was actually 12 years old when menace came out. I absolutely loved it as a kid.
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    One of the most bad ass shots and scenes in the whole franchise

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    That's also one of the best lightsaber fights in the franchise. Easily.

    I'll never forget when Darth Maul pulled down his hood and revealed the second blade from his lightsaber the theater lost their shit.
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    I remember goings nuts as well.

    Sometimes I put just this scene on and turn up the surround sound and watch it a couple of times. Chills every time.
  • nancenance maryland
    of course phantom menace has good stuff in it--and darth maul is paramount among those--but it's so chintzy and bad otherwise. i really liked ewan mcgregor and liam neeson, and the jedi council was also fun. ironically, the effects have become terribly dated. i am forced to continue ingesting the prequels because i have young kids and i'm trying to see them more through their eyes. it is kind of more frustrating, actually, because there's lots of great stuff and compelling drama in the prequels, it's just so poorly executed or destroyed by really bad decisions--hayden christianson, making padme such a lame character in sith, excessive senate assemblage, unimaginably terrible racial stereotyping. they could have been great. i wish george had handed his stories over to real writers and directors. you missed out on cronenberg and lynch with jedi (and it shows), so why not try to get em back here?

    @Glass Eater for all the shit i give phantom menace, there are a lot of things i like about it, and i certainly was blown away upon my initial viewing. nothing was going to prevent me--that first time, at least--from being overjoyed after waiting 16 years for something i never thought i'd see.
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