Worst Horror Movie You Ever Saw

What is the worst horror movie you ever saw? I have a few, and they are;

Blair Witch Project
Sinister 2
Insidious 2
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
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  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    Pitchfork, 2016
    Day of the Dead: Bloodline, 2018
    Corbin Nash, 2018
    Children of the Corn : Runaway, 2018
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    You haven't seen that many horror movies if you seriously consider Insidious 2 as "One of the worst horror movies" you have ever seen.

    And I was also disappointed with Sinister 2 but it's literally miles ahead of 90% of the straight to DVD stuff out there.
  • Wirral WriterWirral Writer Merseyside, UK
    To Glass Eater. I couldn't believe your comment that I "haven't seen many horror movies"!! Well let me put you straight right away on that totally misguided opinion. I have watched horror movies right from childhood, and have HUGE horror movie collection. I think that totally qualifies me to comment on the pros and cons of ANY horror movie, don't you?

    So the fact is, I did NOT like Sinister 2. Many other people don't either.
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    I watched the new 88 Films Blu Ray of Mountaintop Motel Massacre recently and yeah, it's not a good film lol so slow and soooo predictable. The location and cast were alright though. (Transfer was nice, I dig 88 Films)

    Terrible Films I have watched in the last year that come to mind;
    Moonshine Mountain 1964 Herschell Gordon Lewis (he's done some stinkers)
    The Dead Next Door 1989
    Halloween 6 Director's cut (all versions suck)
    The Barn of the naked Dead 1974

    And Wirral all the posters on this board have been friends for years, we're all blunt and talk trash, it's nothing personal. Never take an online horror message board too seriously lol
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    The Dead Next Door 1989
    .... is a masterpiece..

    When I look up to the sky I see your eyes, a funny kind of yellow
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    OK, cheers, Midnight Groovy. I understand. I just got a little upset and taken aback by the sharpness of some of their tones, that's all. I will try not to take it personally, as I think this is a very good board, and it certainly gives all horror fans a great opportunity to discuss the genre we love to our heart's content.
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    Yeah everyone knows their horror here, Wirral. It's just we're all dicks as well :)
  • Leprechaun: Origins
    Children of the Corn 666: Issac's Return
    Hellraiser: Hellworld
    One Missed Call remake
    Prom Night remake
    The Ring Two
    The Bye Bye Man
    The Fog remake
    Old 37
    House at the End of the Street
    Wishmaster 3 & 4
    Night of the Living Dead 3D
    Creepshow 3
    The Haunting in Connecticut 2
    The Unborn
    Boogeyman (2005)
    The Last Exorcism Part 2
    Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)
    Paranormal Activity 4
  • For me, for the most part, if something went straight to video, or is made by certain directors or even has a 'no name cast', and it turns out bad, I think calling it bad is pointless. Not saying it should get a pass or be judged by a different standard, but making "a list of 100 movies" that never made it to a theater or were shot with a pretty substandard budget is hardly going to be a surprising list

    Some such movies could be gems or pretty good. but I'd rather see a such a list of movies that aimed pretty high and/or for the theater and failed. Studying a pretty much home made movie for what went wrong isn't going to teach you much, but a big studio production that went all kinds of wrong, maybe you could learn something about what not to do.

    Like "Oh, wow, Manos: Hands of Fate was so bad" - "Really? How insightful"

    It was the cow...

  • The NOES remake is worthless.

  • Don't Look Up
    The Company of Wolves
    Murder Set Pieces
    ...and the uberworst,
    Ax 'Em

  • Return of the Boogeyman
  • 0Father0Satan0Sun0Father0Satan0Sun Under Your Bed
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    @travisbickle I will never understand why Nightmare on the Elm Street needed a reboot in the first place. Mystery continues.....

    The worst horror movies I've ever seen are:

    Rob Zombie's Halloween (I don't get the appeal for it. The movie as shit without explanation and people are still loving it to death since it first came out but it's still not a good film by any means. It's just all around bad.)

    Silent Hill (It's filled with CGI, predictable plotholes, and bad acting with no actual sense or explanation. It did not feel like video games at all. I don't get the appeal for it either.)

    Nightmare on Elm Street Pt 5 (Most horror movies fans agreed it's not worth your time.)

    Deep Blue Sea (Who the hell thought it was a good move to bring something unique and the fact that it turned to be the pile of shit, with the disappointment of killing off the main female character at the end?)

    Annabelle (The movie with no plot and has lack of direction and writing. The second was an exception and it made the first one completely forgettable.)
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  • I personally liked the ending to Deep Blu Sea, surprised me almost as much as Samuel L Jackson's attack.
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    So you shit on one for being predictable and on another for being unique... Do you make sense to your self?

    RZs Halloween was solid and I understand someone not liking it but to say it’s bad “all around” is just ridiculous.
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    I freaking love ANOES part 5. It's definitely flawed but is also probably the most fucked up in the franchise.
  • Return of the Boogeyman is a good one. Those 80s horror sequels that are basically just flashbacks from the original deserve to be shamed e.g Hills Have Eyes part 2
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    Remakes and sequels are to easy to pick on so I'll try to stick to original films-

    Last House on the Left (original) is just utter garbage. Don't @ me.
    The Gallows
    Wish Upon
    The Human Centipede
    From a House on Willow Street
    Darkness Falls
    House of the Dead
    Alone in the Dark (2005)
    The Darkness

    I have seen a lot of other bad shit but like @Willowfang said there are some that are useless to even say it's bad.
  • House of the Dead is the bee's knees. B)
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    @Orville Ketchum Haha. I was just thinking that it's nearly impossible to find a horror movie that is unanimously hated. There is always at least one that likes some movie others hate. I know I have plenty of those as well.
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