What's The Horror Blu Ray/DVD You Rewatch Mostly

To all you collectors of horror blu rays and dvds, what is the horror movie that you rewatch mostly?

The most rewatchable movies in my collection are The Wicker Man, Tales From The Crypt, the Lee Dracula films and Psycho.

Oh, by the way, hope this topic is OK for yo0u all, as I don't want to be criticised again for posting unnecessary threads.
Alan Toner
Horror Writer


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    Friday the 13th 1-8, TCM 1-3, Halloween 1-5, The Beyond, Dawn of the Dead, Slumber Party Massacre 1-3, Evil Dead 1 & 2, Demons, The Devil's Rejects, Sleepaway Camp, The Fog, the list goes on and on really.
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude


    Horror by Dante Tomaselli




    Comfort films... <3

  • Wirral WriterWirral Writer Merseyside, UK
    Some good choices there, guys.
    Alan Toner
    Horror Writer
  • Halloween 2 (1981) The thing and the Conjuring.
  • Quatermass and the Pit
  • prettyscaryprettyscary Pennsyltucky
    @Wonderlust LOVE Ravenous

    The Carpenter apocalypse trilogy, Pumpkinhead, Army of Darkness, anything Resident Evil or Godzilla.
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