What Horror Movie Stayed With You?

What horror movie stayed with you long after you'd seen it? What was the one that REALLY made you afraid to even go asleep at night? Come on, let's have your picks.
Alan Toner
Horror Writer


  • The Girl Next Door (jack Ketchum's version)
    I read the book; I read the true crime book and saw the movie once. Years later tried to watch it a second time but just couldn't make it through.
  • Mine would have to be Candyman. I first watched it with my dad and for the longest time i could not watching it either at night or alone because of how eerie it is. For the longest time i could not think what it was but now i think its the incredibly strong build up and that damn music.
  • @FormaldehideNSeek I'm sure Candyman lingered in a lot of people's minds whenever they walked by a mirror in the middle of the night. I mean, the whole divination using a mirror folklore is practically ancient, but Candyman well and truly brought it widescale in the public consciousness at the time. For me though, that movie just stays with me because of how haunting it is, yet beautiful at the same time. And it was the first horror film I saw when I was younger where the characters and backdrop was grounded very much in reality and not in some detached horror universe, which made a huge impression on me. I really think that film is not talked about enough when it comes to the classics of the genre.

    Martyrs burned itself in my brain for a long time after I saw it. It was a time in my life where I thought I had seen everything in terms of screen violence, but that shit profoundly disturbed me.

    When you're talking about a horror film staying with you or keeping you up at night, it's usually just a singular image or idea that you can't shake, and the cell phone footage in Lake Mungo did that for me. First time in years I actually went to bed feeling really uneasy.

    Those are the only ones that spring to mind right now because they're more recent, but I'm sure there are dozens from when I was a kid.
    • Guilty Remnant •
  • nancenance maryland
    the original invasion of the body snatchers definitely got under my skin in a way that i've never been able to shake. i saw it when i was six, and i can still remember to this day, over forty years later, how utterly terrified i was by the prospect of my parents being emotionless duplicates.
  • prettyscaryprettyscary Pennsyltucky
    Adam's scream in the dark at the end of Saw stayed with me for days afterward.
  • original Poltergeist. its where i got my fear of clowns and of puppets
  • Recently, I would have to say Incident in Ghostland, started off pretty normally and went full circle as it spiralled into insanity.
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  • I saw Hereditary opening weekend and I still find myself clicking like Charlie. That movie definitely impacted me.
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer... you know the scene.
    Not horror, but Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.
  • The Exorcist
  • Jaws. I still get that feeling when swimming in the ocean.
  • This is my first post after being away for about a year. Forgot this place existed lol I would say Cujo. I was mauled by a St Bernard and hospitalized for a week right before the movie came out and like an idiot I watched it and to this day I am terrified of the movie. I can not emotionally handle it. When I was attacked it scarred me for decades. was terrorized of all dogs for a long time
  • Hereditary was tough to shake. Besides what happens to Charlie, that intensely smiling guy at the funeral and later in the dark, really bugged me out.

    Historically, Dark Night of the Scarecrow and Trilogy of Terror were films I saw at a young age that freaked me out. Bubba and the Zuni Doll were in the closet or under the bed for a while.
    Now then, tell me. What did Miggs say to you? Multiple Miggs in the next cell. He hissed at you. What did he say?
    He said, "I can smell your cunt."
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  • @kclady47 That's crazy! Saint Bernards are supposed to be gentle giants as well since they're rescue dogs.

    After watching Halloween as a kid, I was scared of looking out my ground floor windows at night in case I saw that mask emerge from the darkness.

    I watched The Vanishing (1988) a few years ago and it stayed under my skin ever since.
  • Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Alien, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre come to mind.
  • Mine was It (the original version)
  • Poltergeist (original), its where i got my fear of clowns and puppets from.
  • KyleBadgeKyleBadge Austin
    edited February 22
    I wasn't allowed to watch horror when The Exorcist came out, so when a friend came up with the great idea of tripping acid to The Exorcist, I said, "Why not?" I had tripped a bunch before and it was the summer and I wasn't taking summer classes at college. I had nothing to do the next day, so we took some weird double sided acid with Beavis & Butthead on them. We watch it and nothing really happened, but when her head turned around and she was talking about "fuck me Jesus" and all that, it kinda got me. The whole exorcism scene was crazy and I don't know where my consciousness went but it was off fighting demons. The next thing I remember I was like, "Ash will kill the demon for me" and my friend was like, this is a different movie. We were watching Army of Darkness and probably had gotten half way into it. I had a hard time sleeping that night or into the next day and when I did I imagine that possessed Reagan was sitting on the bed laughing at me.
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