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    I'm still unpatiently waiting for a bloody Dead Alive bluray release..
  • Can't wait to check out Annihilation.
  • The original 16mm negative for Maniac has been found and Blue Underground will be releasing a 4K restoration.
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    1st of the Unearthed Classics! THE UNNAMABLE



    College students from Miskatonic University who retreat to an early 18th-century mansion for a weekend of lust are stalked by a fatalistic female in this horror film taken from a story by H.P. Lovecraft. The demon delights in tearing the limbs off her human victims to carry out a centuries-old family curse. Bloody graphic violence and nudity is combined with some campy comedy.

    The 1st 2,000 units ordered come with a limited edition slip sleeve!

    “Limited edition to 2,000 units with a slip sleeve cover for the Blu-ray, and then we go to the normal cover everyone knows from the 80’s after 2,000 units have sold. The DVD is the cover everyone has seen and loves. Slip sleeve is purely limited to Blu-ray.”
    -Stephen Biro, CEO of Unearthed Films


    • Video interview with actors, Charles Klausmeyer and Mark Kinsey Stephenson
    • Video interview with actor, Eben Ham
    • Video interview with actor, Laura Albert
    • Video interview with actor, Mark Parra
    • Video interviews with R. Christopher Biggs, special makeup effects artist and makeup artist, Camille Calvet
    • Audio commentary with Charles Klausmeyer, Mark Stephenson, Laura Albert, Eben Ham, Camille Calvet and R. Christopher Biggs

    Directed by
    Jean-Paul Ouellette
    She smells of danger and moody butterflies and that is why you will always be too afraid to know her.
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    Maniac is getting a 4K restoration from the newly found 16mm print. Every single release till now has been from the blown up 35mm version that went to most cinemas. The 16mm original film was lost, but discovered early this year or late last.

    Colour me fucking interested.
  • I remember this, was quite good the first time I saw it, and the near naked, tho with costume and make-up Playboy Centerfold or something like that for the creature was bonus for sure

    It was the cow...

  • ^Now down to 250 last I heard. Really surprised it sold so many that quick.

    Candyman 4K Blu coming soon...


    There's talk that it could be uncut, too. Oh boy...

    Was mentioned on a podcast that Zombie 4K is coming from Blue Underground as well.

  • 4K Candyman?! :o

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    Combat Shock down to 100 copies left!

    Any fans of Richard Stanley's Hardware? New 4K Blu available exclusively here...


    Not sure if this coupon code still works, but you can try MARK13 for a few bucks off (should bring it down to $31.50 shipped).

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    Shit. Now I'm no longer excited for Candyman anymore. I thought you meant reak 4K blu-ray. Like one of these

  • A movie made in the early 90's wouldn't look much better on a real 4K disc. That shit's just for newer movies mostly.
  • Scream Factory announced today that it will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Michael Dougherty's film Trick 'r Treat (2008) with a brand new Collector's Edition of the film. The release will be available for purchase on October 9th.

    The label has also confirmed that director Dougherty is involved with the preparation of the upcoming release, and that there will be exclusive new bonus features that will be produced for it. All legacy bonus features from the previous release will be transferred to the new release as well.

    Final technical specs and bonus features will be announced in September.



    Scream Factory confirmed today that it is preparing SteelBook Editions of Rick Rosenthal's Halloween II (1981) and Tommy Lee Wallace's Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). The two releases, which will be sourced from brand new 4K remasters, will be available for purchase on October 9.




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    Scream Factory
    10 hrs ·

    We are proud (and so unbelievably excited) to reveal today that we are prepping to release the classic George A. Romero and Stephen King 1982 anthology CREEPSHOW this Fall in an all-new upgraded presentation! Because we feel this is a rather huge and beloved title, we are rolling this out a little more uniquely so please read carefully for all the details that we have at the time.

    • Naturally, this will be branded as a “Collector’s Edition” but packaged a bit differently than we have done in the past for other CEs. This will come with a rigid slipcover (like what we did with the deluxe version release of Nightbreed) that will house a Blu-ray case and a collectible booklet featuring a new essay from Michael Gingold (Fangoria, Rue-Morgue, Dellirium). The newly-commissioned artwork pictured on the slipcase is from Laz Marquez (Army of Darkness, The Howling and Lifeforce steelbooks).

    • The Blu-ray case wrap inside will be reversible featuring original theatrical artwork on both sides. (The “ticket booth” one and the “Comic book” one.)

    • New extras and specs are still in progress and will be announced later in September. Rest-assured we have plenty planned and…we are in progress of doing an all-new film transfer!

    • This will be the national release which streets on October 23rd. U.S. and Canada territories (Region A).


    • If you order Creepshow from our site directly you will receive the Blu-ray two weeks early and the following exclusively-made-for us items:
    • A rolled 28.5” x 16.5” lithograph poster of the slipcase art
    by Laz Marquez
    • A rolled 18” x 24” poster of alternative art illustration, also
    by Laz Marquez
    • Pre-order link @ https://www.shoutfactory.com/…/creepshow-collector-s-editio…

    Happy Thursday guys!!


    I also read that it will be 4K scan of the OCN. :o Safe to say that this will be the last time I'll need to buy this. Definitive...

    This means that Scream Factory has a deal with Warner Bros and I think NOES is with Warner.... I'm predicting some big announcements come SDCC.
  • Scream Factory
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    **New NIGHT OF THE DEMONS Steelbook + Exclusive Limited Edition NECA Figure Website Offer! **

    Just when you thought our October slate couldn’t get any crazier (see previous announcements of The Wasp Woman, House on Haunted Hill, Trick r Treat, Halloween II & III steelbooks and Creepshow) we have yet another perfect-for-the-holiday offering to get you more in the party mood. NIGHT OF THE DEMONS is being re-released in a newly-designed Blu-ray steelbook packaging with a new 4K film transfer! AND…if you order directly from our site, it comes with an exclusive lithograph plus an officially-licensed poseable “Angela” doll from NECA - N.E.C.A! Please read on for details:

    • Official street date is October 23rd for U.S. and Canada territories (Region A). Only 10,000 units of the steelbook are being produced total.

    • The newly-commissioned artwork pictured comes to us from artist Laz Marquez (Creepshow, The Howling steelbook.)

    • As mentioned above a new 4K film transfer is in process along with new additional extras! Details to be posted later in Sept.

    Now if you are the ultimate NIGHT OF THE DEMONS fan then you’ll want to take note of our exclusive offer on the release—which is only available at www.shoutfactory.com while supplies last:

    DELUXE OFFER (Limited to 2,000 orders only. US & Canada only)
    - Receive the Blu-ray Steelbook
    - Receive a rolled 28.5” x 16.5” lithograph of the new slipcase art by Laz Marquez
    - Receive an exclusive, officially-licensed limited edition 8” tall “Angela” doll created by NECA. This will only be available here on our site!
    - Free Shipping

    We do anticipate for this one-of-a-kind offer to sell out. Lock in your pre-order @ https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/night-of-the-demons-limited-edition-steelbook?product_id=6869


    Fuck. Another double dip, but I have to have that figure.

  • This means that Scream Factory has a deal with Warner Bros and I think NOES is with Warner.... I'm predicting some big announcements come SDCC.

    Oh dear...


    Maniac 4K Blu will be 3 discs and will have a lendickular slip.


    ^You know...because of Frank's chubby he has going on there... ha... he...

    Looks like that awesome Jay Chattaway synth soundtrack will be the third disc.

  • Wow so many great releases.

    Ive still got to go through my Last House on the Left 3disc set.
  • Almost forgot this was coming this month.

    July 24th

    Bonus Features
    NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Film Elements
    NEW Audio Commentary With Director John Carpenter And Producer Sandy King Carpenter
    NEW Horror’s Hallowed Grounds – A Look At The Film’s Locations Today
    NEW The Whisperer Of The Dark – An Interview With Actress Julie Carman
    NEW Greg Nicotero’s Things In The Basement – A New Interview With Special Effects Artist Greg Nicotero Including Behind The Scenes Footage
    NEW Home Movies From Hobb’s End – Behind The Scenes Footage From Greg Nicotero
    Audio Commentary With Director John Carpenter And Cinematographer Gary B. Kibbe
    Vintage Featurette – The Making Of In The Mouth Of Madness
    Theatrical Trailer
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