Pet Sematary (2019)

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So just found out that this has started shooting today, gonna do a little research to see what i can dig up. The original still holds up pretty well and Fred Gwynne's role was fantastic. Not seen it in a while but what i remember it was a deeply haunting movie.



  • Yeah, improving on the original shouldn’t really be the goal here, but could be a lot of room for more supernatural or necromatic shenanigans

    It was the cow...

  • I'd love for them to keep or maybe add some more to the creepy backstories Jud told cause i always found them to be the most chilling parts of the book and original movie.
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    Love the original. Fred is probably the best thing about it. I've always thought it a shame he didn't get more roles. The guy was fantastic. And just had this lovable aura. With his great booming voice.

    I read they cast John Lithgow in the part, which had me interested. His become a wonderful character actor himself.
  • John Lithgow is pretty good. This should be a decent watch either way, the original was pretty good.
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  • Has to be way different from the original
  • Neutral on this remake, because the novel is one of the most intense horror texts (heard personal testimonies from readers who couldn't finish the book due to vivid nightmares), and it would be a stretch to call Lambert's film the definitive version.

    To her credit, she went all out with gore and atmosphere, which makes the film actually scary (no mean feat), but there's a lot more that could be done with the story. King loved Lambert's version, but he also hated Kubrick's The Shining and directed Maximum Overdrive, so...

    Probably nobody will ever make a movie that will do this book justice, but if more people want to try then go for it.
  • Didn't get nightmares or anything but I read it at like 10 and remember more from the book than I do the movie
  • Does anyone know where they're filming it?
  • @Se7en The movie hit most of the major plot points of the book. It was a good adaptation, telling the story properly while also being scary. It lacked the novel's convincing realism, but that was King's writing and would be hard to translate to screen.
  • Agreed. This has to be Kubricked, can't really be done better unless it had a more down to earth approach where I fear might clash with the more wild horror stuff that the original ran with. Material is best for text to balance the seriousness with the silly.
  • Directors of Starry Eyes?

    This is in pretty good hands.
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  • I've read the novel a year ago, loved it. I also watched the original movie.

    It follows the book quite well, but this is one of those few movies I also really want a reboot on. John Lithgo will be perfect also.
  • Its the scariest book Ive ever read and a fantastic fable on death.

    There's definitely enough room for a remake to have a different take on the material. Some of the other side stories like the returning soldier creeped me the fuck out. Original is great tho.
  • True

    No idea the Starry Eyes fam was on board. This should be very good.
  • Convincing realism plus supernatural horror is intense. The way the inner voice of the protagonist in the novel is written, it makes the reader believe these things could actually happen, and when the horror element arrives it is disturbing to watch the protagonist try to deal with it.

    That wouldn't work in a movie because you'd need a constant voice-over reading King's exact text to the audience, and it wouldn't seem as convincing on film. Hopefully someone figures out another way to do it.

    I hope the remake spends some time on the Wendigo, something that was hardly addressed (if at all) in Lambert's movie, although she did make the hikes to the burial ground adequately spooky.
  • There's definitely other ways to root the horror in realism without the voice-over. The problem becomes not making the film a drama and failing at every horror beat it has to go through.
  • I am looking forward to the remake. With such a great actor like John Lithgow playing our favorite old wise man in the film how can we go wrong?
  • Stephen King wrote the screenplay to the original that's why it was a good adaptation.

    The remake looks interesting, definitely won't be as good probably but I'm open.
  • I have no issue with the original as it still stands up, but a new version wouldn't hurt. They could easily take stuff from the book and put in this that wasn't in the original, like Judd's wife. John Lithgow's casting is pretty cool.
  • One of the only King books I've yet to read. I guess I better get on that...
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