Off-Topic Thread July 2018: Independence Day Edition

gwallygwally Snowhio
Welcome to July!


  • CryptusCryptus 45 Lampkin Lane
    This Friday the 13th.

    Jason Voorhees and Joe Bob.

    Gonna be a good night.
    "...Why not?"
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    This Friday the 13th.

    LA Premiere.

    When I look up to the sky I see your eyes, a funny kind of yellow
  • It’s gonna be a good month.
    2018 Summer Flash Draft Winner!
  • Happy Canada Day thread you fucks
  • July already? :/
  • My cinema is doing a mini 1-4 Friday 13th marathon.
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    You stupid Americans and your stupid July.

    I hate you all.
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    So at this party I drank a full bottle of rum, a 6 pack of bourbon. And god knows how many jelly shots.

    I felt pretty second hand in the morning.

    Oh, someone threatened to drag me into the bush and 'flog the fuck out of me' . At a time where I was actually sitting down not even making a peep.

    He ended up getting kicked out. It was a good night. There was much rejoicing.
  • CryptusCryptus 45 Lampkin Lane
    I should go shake that guy's hand. What a hero.
    "...Why not?"
  • RustyNailFromHellRustyNailFromHell Is between your girlfriend legs, while her parents watch with approval.
    Just found out that I've been driving around for the last 3 weeks without a drivers license. Found it on my bookshelf. :/
  • Customer: There WAS a sign up front saying half off on trees!
    Me: It's still there.
    Customer: I can read!
    Me: *sigh* Then what do you want to know?
    Customer: I want to know what trees!

    The sign SPECIFICALLY says fruit, flowering and shade trees and is right in front of all those trees.

    Dealing with complete morons day in and day out is my curse.
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    My curse is being burdened with life
  • @Cryptus Might have to sign up for Shudder's free 7 day trial just for this. I hope they show replays, because there's no way I can stay up for 24hrs.

    Monstervision and USA's up all night were staples of my childhood. I remember catching his F13th marathon when it originally aired (must've been around 12 at the time)...

    And Joe Bob was great in Casino!


    You fuckin' momo!

  • MaydayMayday - Mega-City One
    @Puf This is like so totally you.

    Jury. Executioner. Judge.#RebootsAndRemakesForever

  • Pretty much.
  • Today sucked
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    This pleases me.
  • This heatwave isnt fun anymore :'(
  • I need a whole movie of this:

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