Mezco Michael Myers and Jason, Ash, and Blade!

Anyone else anticipating the new Halloween movie? I know I am. To go along with the release of that Mezco Toyz is putting out a pretty awesome Myers figure. They are also released a Blade, and Friday the 13th Jason figure as well. Check out my website and get your preorder in these are going to go fast. I will also be blogging about horror products quite regularly, check me out at


  • CryptusCryptus 45 Lampkin Lane
    Never could get into the doll types. Give me a good statuesque figure or even on with good articulation. Not bad sculpts on the faces either way.
    "...Why not?"
  • Neca's Pt 3 Jason is $60 cheaper and looks way better.

  • I hate the dolls, and yes Neca's Part 3 Jason is way better than this.
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