The Official 2018 NFL Season Thread

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  • nancenance maryland
    i'm excited about michael gallop, and i have an increasing intuition that randy gregory will be a surprise impact player.

    i have to admit, jerry jones complete idiocy is really making it hard for me to get excited for this season. i've never been so lukewarm heading into a season. while a lot of people are getting tired of the anthem protests, i'm getting turned off by the opposite. i love politics and social awareness in my football. at its' best, sports has always allowed wider struggles to take place on their fields, rings, and courts--jackie robinson, west texas (utep), billie jean king, muhammed ali--and i've felt that that has dipped some as athletes have made more money, even though the real money is still in the hands of the owners. the backlash from ownership is really turning me off. jerry, you've made your money off the backs of mostly african american players. stand with them. you wanna rah rah over the anthem? fine. but acknowledge what this protest is about and that maybe, just maybe, you are against police brutality.
  • nancenance maryland
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    pre-season picks:

    for the 39th consecutive year, i think the cowboys will bring home the trophy.

    division winners, in order:



    cowboys over the eagles



    steelers over patriots

    cowboys over steelers
  • nancenance maryland
    i hope dez catches on with cleveland. i wish him nothing but the best, and would like to see him employed, especially far away from the nfc east.

    was watching the cowboys-washington game from thanksgiving 1990 the other day (on youtube, in its' entirety). man, that team was emerging. it was also great, because i think that's where rookie emmitt started to assert himself. it's so awesome throughout that game, john madden is literally falling in love with emmitt smith, as well as predicting his future. "some guys just have a nose for the goal line, and smith seems like one of those guys", "the more i see of emmitt smith, the more i think the cowboys got themselves a special player", etc.
  • nancenance maryland
    i would have liked to win the game, but fuckin-a, that pick by chidobe awuzie was incredible. the first team secondary has been very active. awuzie is more appropriately numbered at 24 than 33.
  • nancenance maryland
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    very sad to hear about travis frederick's diagnosis of guillien-barre disease. best wishes to him for a speedy and comfortable recovery. don't worry about gettin back on the field, travis, just take care of yourself.

    why. the. fuck. won't the cowboys fucking trade for earl thomas? i like just about everything about the cowboys d--pass rush, dl line depth, starting linebackers, corners, defense coaches--except the fucking safeties. jeff heath is the nickel or as a back-up. i want to believe in kevon frazier or xavier woods, but honestly, i don't. we NEED a real safety. i have never understood why we have so blatantly failed to address this position, but jesus, we need a safety. in 1992, dallas made three key defensive moves: they traded for charles haley, and they traded for safety thomas everett, and they drafted linebacker darren woodson and made him into a (hof in my opinion) safety. two important safety moves that set us up for a superbowl that season with everett starting, and more down the road with woodson. let's not waste the other pieces we have in place, cowboys.
  • nancenance maryland
    Cowboys great, and anchor of the original Doomsday Defense, has passed away at the age of 78. I never saw George play, but my dad speaks of him with reverence. RIP, George.

  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    Yea it makes no sense why they haven't pulled the trigger on Thomas yet. He wants to be here, they can use here. Just get it done already.
  • Usually taking a piss during the national anthem or freshening up my drink. All the players should've just worn those cartoon pig cop socks that Kaepernick wore that one time so the fucking retard President couldn't continually claim the flag is being disrespected. Of course that sissy britch motherfucker is still mad his antitrust lawsuit (as owner of the USFL's New Jersey Generals) failed to force the league into letting him own the Jets. Aaron Rodgers will rape the Cowboys hearts in the playoffs again. I've seen that movie too many times already to not know better. Garrett remains a worthless ass in-game head coach. Dez is Blake Griffin; all talent and next to no technique. Brady would never accept that asshole dogging routes anymore than he would Chad Oucho Sucko. Irvin was Larry Bird.
  • ^i've missed you, man.

  • The feeling is mutual. I see you lost your original username too.
  • yep.

    so, i sure hope the cowboys "brain trust" knows something i don't, because cutting dan bailey sure is a shocker. i know he fell apart at the end of last year, but i assumed that was a result of a groin injury. my fear is that this is simply a financial decision. bailey would have made 3.4 million this year, mahar counts 500 grand against the books. for a team predicated on ball-control and hopefully improved but saftey-less defense, getting rid of a an accurate, strong legged kicker like dan bailey seems an enormous risk.
  • Paxson Zilch AKA Paxton Lynch was finally cut by the Broncos. This is relevant to Cowboys fans because Jerry desperately wanted to move back into the first round of the 2016 Draft to pick him. I think I even heard reports that Jerry liked Lynch just as much as Wentz and Goff. Jerry's previous right on the money QB hunch was Johnny Manziel. In other words, file Paxton into same "your hunch was wrong again, bitch" filing cabinet as Manziel. I would say something smart ass about Quimthcee Carter but in all honesty compared to those two dinguses, Q-Ball had a long, fruitful and prosperous NFL career.
  • I know nothing about the Bailey cut. I don't even know who the fuck Mahar is because Cowboys or not, I just can't bring myself to watch that much preseason football. With kickers, when it goes bad it happens in a hurry and only gets worse. Maybe their special teams coach gave them a hot tip.
  • yeah, kickers have a way of losing it all of a sudden. i hope they know what they're doing.

    if quincy could have layed off the coke, he might have been decent. parcells got an amazing year out of him, and i always liked him, raw though he was. and yes, where jerry is concerned, if he says he wants a qb, run in the opposite direction. manziel, lynch, how many first rounders that are woefully awful enough that their teams give up on them after two years? jeez.
  • RowdyRoddyCrackpiperRowdyRoddyCrackpiper Badstreet USA
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    Say what you want about Dak landing in exactly the right spot, but a guy like Lynch who apparently has no feel for the game wouldn't have busted a fucking grape no matter what riches you surrounded him with; much less as a rookie. That Trevor Semen guy was some super late round scrub that looks like Rod from Birdemic and Paxton couldn't even challenge him for the starting gig.

    Let us also acknowledge the Raiders cut Connor Cook after acquiring McCarron and that I believe Hackenburg wasn't even on the Eagles long enough to finish his Philly Cheesesteak. Those are two other guys I heard attached to the Cowboys. I think one or both of them were some kind of gingers so Garrett probably lent a little expertise in assessing their potential. Speaking of plucky gingers, I'm glad the Cowboys didn't do something stupid and allow their belief in Cooper Rush fool them into releasing Mike White.

    In all seriousness, there's always the question of how much bad advice Jerry is getting from his handpicked asslickers. McClay is supposed to be a quality personnel guy. In the case of Manziel, I think that was more or less Jerry's dumbshit rube whims. I'm pretty sure Lynch was better regarded amongst many more front offices. Wasn't Lynch an RPO guy in college? No fucking way is he a dual threat in the pros. He's just one of many guys that got put in the right junk offense at the right time and were fortunate enough to play in a chump conference against total geeks. As much as I detest Old Piss, I'm surprised Elway was one of the few guys willing to take a flier on Chad Kelly. I try not to be sentimental and would hate for a Rebel to steal a Bulldog's job, but the Cowboys should've taken a flier them damned selves on a former Super Bowl whipping boy's nephew.

    The Kony Ealy cut was also a surprise because I had no idea he was even on the team. It wasn't until reading the blurb that I realized why his name jumped out. He had that monster all-around game for the Panthers in the Super Bowl a few years ago.
  • Maybe the Bears can use this year to get Mack ready to play QB next season after Truebitchkey flames out.
  • Maybe the Jags will actually play like a stonewall defense this season and live up to all the hype. In the last month of the season, they gave up 37 to the 9ers and 42 to the Steelers. Jalen Ramsey also talks way too much "I'm the greatest motherfucker that ever lived" horseshit for some fairy lord that gave up a brain dead pass interference penalty in the AFC Title Game. I guess he was too busy daydreaming because he never believed one of Brady's chalky ballgrabbers could get past him. Wrong, idiot. Just for the sake of clarification, no, I'm not talking about the penalty right before halftime on the other corner where the Jags did indeed get fucked by a ticky tacky handjob call. Ramsey's pass interference was a much more clear-cut call. Yes, there were probably as many as five bad calls that the Jags got fucked on, where if the right call was made, they manage to win. However, the pass interference against Ramsey wasn't one of them. Also, learn to play receiver or even return kicks, bitch. Deion did five or six different things (to varying degrees of success and tackling wasn't one of them, because the neon fluorescent motherfucker never did any of that) and he didn't talk this much shit. Bust a grape and then run your mouth. And if they only throw at you once, but you give up a thirty-yard pass interference penalty in the AFC Title Game, then fuck you.
  • sounds like dallas DID try to make a move for earl thomas, offering a second rounder, which i think is perfectly reasonable. the team we have now is, i believe, only a few pices away fro being a serious contender--SAFETY, te, a dominant receiver, linebacker depth--so a second would have been worth it. we've got money. but seattle wasn't interested, i guess.

    we still need to do something about safety, though. we can't stand pat. i will be SO pissed if our best pass rush since the days of haley-tolbert-jones-maryland-et alis wasted under a hail of deep throws to wide open receivers running free in our defensive backfield. fucking makes me pine for barry church.
  • For fun division predictions so folks can scream and holler...

    NFC East
    Redskins: Alex Smith safes his new politically incorrect monikered team to a division title.
    Cowboys: Line runs over people and Elliot stomps on their corpses
    Eagles: Superbowl hangover
    Giants: Cadaver Manning plays like he's been autopsied

    NFC South:
    Saints: Because I like Drew Brees
    Falcons: Because I like Julio Jones
    Panthers: Because Cam Newton annoys me
    Bucs: Because Jameis Winston is an ass

    NFC North:
    Packers: Aaron Rogers is Aaron Rogers
    Vikings: Kirk Cousins is not Aaron Rogers
    Lions: Matt Stafford is not Aaron Rogers
    Bears: Mitch Trubisky is neither Kirk Cousins nor Matt Stafford

    NFC West:
    Rams: Run the ball, play defense, yadda yadda yadda
    Niners: Jimmy Gsus
    Seahawks: Can Russell Wilson play DB?
    Cardinals: Yeah....

    AFC East
    Patriots: Because Dolphins, Jets, Bills
    Dolphins: Lots of okay on this team
    Jets: Hope floats
    Bills: Just gave Paxton Lynch a tryout for fuck's sake

    AFC South
    Texans: Healthy and balanced
    Jaguars: O will hurt the D
    Titans: Vrabel discovers the Patriot way only works when exposed to the contaminants in Boston area water
    Colts: Lucky but not good (yet)

    AFC North
    Steelers: Ray Lewis is still retired, Andy Dalton still sucks, and the Browns are still the Browns
    Ravens: I don't know why.
    Bengals: 200 yards of personal foul penalties per game under the new tackling rules...
    Browns: Last because the Raiders aren't in this division

    AFC West
    Broncos: Good D, at least average QB, rookie of the year candidates on both sides of the ball, and my orange colored glasses
    Chargers: Because they good
    Chiefs: Mahomes throws 20+ TDs AND 20+ picks
    Raiders: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL spells Gruden

  • @AFletcherHarper entertaining stuff, fletch, many good points. i don't think washington will win the division, but otherwise, i find few areas of strong disagreement. i think i enjoyed your assessment of the nfc central, i mean north, the most.

    broncos fan, eh?


    but for realsies, i'm glad demarcus ware got a ring with y'all..

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