Texas Chainsaw Masacre - Fan Film

Hi everyone! I just released my new short film, The Warby Range Massacre. It's an homage to my favourite horror film of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This film is a dark and unique adventure that takes it's time with it's characters but when the horror begins, it never let's go...

We had a lot of set backs during the making of this movie and we ran into a lot of issues but, regardless, I'm pretty proud of what we managed to make.

Let me know what you think of it; constructive criticism is appreciated!


  • ohhhh nice. Bout to check it out!
  • Wow amo la matanza de texas, guardo el video para verlo con calma!
  • Dude, can't wait to watch this! Thank you for all your hard work. I'm a TCM superfan too. Just met Bill "Chop Top" Moseley at a con! VERY cool!
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    Random new member posts his fan movie.

    Four random members that don’t post anywhere else give him props.

    Yeah this is all legit. lmao

    Edit: Movie looks like shit by the way. Get into real film making.
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  • Ohhhhhhhh so that's what it is. New members aren't allowed to show their fan art because this guy is jealous. GOT IT.
  • Look out guys, these fellas are making “art”.

    I made art just like they did about an hour ago, but I flushed it because why subject the world to it.
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  • Look out guys, these trolls are jealous they've never made anything in their lives, but are quick to trash anyone that does.
  • Shouldn’t you be out filming with someone’s else’s intellectual property (cause you’re not creative enough to think up anything yourself) and calling it a fan film?
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    Being a sarcastic dick back at someone who criticized your film doesn't endear you to anyone. Only makes sure no one will bother visiting your Youtube page.

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  • Dude, you’re kidding, right? This guy has been throwing profanities at me, being as big a jerk as he can, yet you’re calling me out for telling him to subscribe? You boys and your little club can go subscribe to my YouTube channel, Allrise Films.
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    People are fucking allowed to post one thread about their projects and talk about it. You guys don't like it, don't read it. You guys have an opinion state it. But thats it. Theres gonna be no whole threads of trash talking. Period.
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  • It’s all love from me guys, just trying to share my art with the true, real Horror fans.
  • Wasn't quite my thing, but your love for the genre as a fan does come through on this. I don't get why others feel the need to be offended by this kind of thing, as it's a fan film. It's not like it's gonna erase the original, instead it's just this guy showing his love and enthusiasm for the property. I don't think that's something we should bash, but celebrate along with him instead. We are all horror fans and I think sometimes we get too carried away. It's important to realize when that's happening, so that we don't end up coming off as jerks to one another. This community should support each other better, and maybe then will you start to get really good results with these films.
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    I agree 100%!
  • This individual gets off on dumping on other peoples efforts. Where are His? I'm sure he has made films that are considered "Classic Masterpieces"....Let's see 'em,
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