• I remember seeing this back in 1992. I was 5 years old, and I believe it was the first movie I've ever seen in a theater.

    When you're first movie experience ever is Aladdin as a 5 year old you take that memory to your grave. This movie absolutely blew me away.

    So yeah, it's safe to say nostalgia alone has me excited for this.
  • I will never understand the appeal of these Disney movies.
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    It's Nostalgia mate. Toy Story 4 is gaurantee'd to make money simply because of that.
  • I get the appeal of Toy Story, but those Disney cartoons with all the singing and dancing just annoy the shit out of me. I couldn’t stand them as a kid and as a parent i didn’t even bother. My son loves Toy Story but like me doesn’t care for Aladdin or Lion King.
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  • nancenance maryland
    i just love that mr. awesome would just as soon watch august underground as he would aladdin. you go, mr. awesome!
  • No its not just nostalgia, i love how freely that word is thrown around these days, if thats the case then WWF/E, the godfather, King Kong i purely nostalgia because it was before 2000, the fact is Alladin was a great movie along with many other disney movies, some of which are loved and some are hated and nostalgia has fuck all to do with it.

    This movie is going to rule or suck on will smiths involvement, i dont think alladin would be as memorable today if it wasnt for the songs or Robbin Williams.
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    I never said Nostalgia is the reason we like these movies. I'm saying these remakes are going to make money because of it. It's a motivator. Nostalgia is going to bring people to see this movie, but the movie has to do the rest to get them to actually like it.

    If there was never a cartoon Aladdin everyone would be asking why Disney is making some "Random, middle eastern desert movie with Will Smith as a Genie". (I am aware this is based off a book).

    I mean hell, look at how many youtube comments are admitting to hearing "A whole new world" giving them goosebumps. That song would be meaningless in a trailer if it wasn't something we grew up with.
  • totally dude, just nearly every intreview these days when talking about pre established properties brings up "its nostalgia" and its slowly becoming a very over used phrase in entertainment these days.
  • Set and actors look great other than the Genie, I think that Will was a miscast

    But since the genie practically is the movie this looks hokey to say the least.
  • i have no idea why they didn't show the third trailer first because it looks way better then any other trailer they showed
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