Horror Is Here


  • Ok.. . . is It a version of us.?? Halloween and A History Of Violence?

    I think so.

  • DonkeyLipsDonkeyLips Oklahoma City
    I need someone good at guessing movie titles, based off of bad descriptions. I know that it’s an 80’s movie that finally got a dvd release after 30 years around 2011-ish? It’s based in an old hospital or asylum. The ghosts come out of the walls. I can’t remember if they are in doctor scrubs, if they were nurses.
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    @DonkeyLips there is a thread for 'What Movie Is This' on the board.
    She smells of danger and moody butterflies and that is why you will always be too afraid to know her.
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