watching movies alone or crowded?

When watching horror movies, you like to watch alone or crowded? I am
personally afraid to watch alone :(


  • MaydayMayday - Mega-City One
    I love having a theater to myself. Fuck people.

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  • henry9x9henry9x9 manchester
    me too :))
  • Depends on the audience, if it's a teen scream movie I prefer absolutely alone.

    If it's an action flick it's fine having a large audience.

    Mostly alone though.
  • I just watch the movie. I don't care if anyone is there or if I'm the only one. It doesn't change anything.
  • Have you ever been in a theater with blatantly obnoxious people? It does change things if people won't get off their cellphones or are cackling at non-funny scenes.
  • Inconsiderate moviegoers can occasionally be useful. I saw The Grudge 2 in a theater, and there was a group of teenagers in the audience snickering their way through it. But I don't think they were trying to be jerks - derisive laughter was their natural reaction to a film that was trying and failing to scare them.

    Fair enough. Can't really argue with that. Instead I took a mental note - "Note to self, pay attention to The Grudge 2 and the laughter of these teenagers - this is how you DON'T write horror fiction."

    But mostly I have to watch horror movies by myself, because I don't know many fans of the genre. One time I asked a friend to watch Dawn of the Dead with me, and his response was a slightly hostile, "You actually like that shit?" his brow furrowed with incredulity, as if I was some kind of freak or something.
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    The only time I have more fun in a pact theater is when I'm watching a comedy or something like a Marvel movie.

    Horror I prefer alone, it does wonders to the atmosphere if I don't have friends or near by people chatting.
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  • Mostly alone but depends on the movie. Different movies jive well with people more than they would watching alone, if not then the vibe can change.
  • nancenance maryland
    it all depends on the crowd. a good, boisterous crowd can really add to the experience. when i saw drag me to hell, right after alison lohman kills her cat and the demon returns, this hilarious woman behind me yells "you stupid white bitch, it don't want no itty bitty kitty." i'm still laughing 9 years later. i also enjoy a big crowd for stuff like star wars and marvel. i usually go to the movies with my brother, dad, or bestie, and depending on the movie, we'll draw others in.

    i do enjoy going to the movies alone, however, and i also like me a nice empty theater. my trips to the movie house are a lot less then they were before i had kids, so i'm definitely prone to enjoy myself no matter what.
  • I prefer alone usually. But it's probably more fun with a male friend.
  • I usually watch em alone, but from time to time it's fun to watch them with some friends. The whole watching movies in a crowded movie theater experience, is something I've grown to dislike more and more with the passing of time. People are asshole's nowadays so it's hard to fully enjoy a movie at the theater.
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