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  • This looks horrible. The actors, the lighting, the dialogue, even the title, all dreadful. There’s no way you could make money off this, anyone willing to pay to watch it is out of their fucking mind. 1/10
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  • Hey bud, it was made with 0 dollars, and it's free to watch, but thanks for the fuel.

    Trolls help me keep making art, while trolls keep being, well, trolls.

    On to the next. See you then!

  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    I thought it was charming. Cinematography was good and the editing aswell. The film flowed and was not choppy at all. I'm not a huge fan of filming at night but you had enough lighting that it wasn't a chore to watch. Music was perfect. I thought the actors did good and had that 'friend' chemistry.

    I watch alot of indie/underground/DIY films and this was great. If this is what you wanna do, film making, never give up! Each time you'll be better and better. Oh, you can feel the love you have for horror. <3

    I'm gonna post this on my sites 'short film' thread and FaceBook, a lot of filmmakers read my page. Good luck!

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  • Wonderlust, thank you so much! That's incredibly inspiring and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I put a ton of work into it and comments like these fuel me way more than the negative ones. Much respect!

    Also, send me the link to your website. I'd love to check it out!
  • _Blakelock__Blakelock_ - OHMSS
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    Because I didn’t gush over the piece of crap you call a film I’m a troll? LMAO

    What you made isn’t art. It’s shit. It’s no surprise you made it for zero dollars. I can’t imagine any sane person wanting to invest in your “art”.
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  • Calling someone's film shit/crap is step #1 to become the trolliest of trolls, but I see you're an experienced one.

    And I also see you did the same thing to another poster who shared his TCM fan film. I think someone's just...

  • If you can't handle negative criticism then just stop what you're doing. This obviously wasn't meant for you and it's time to find a new hobby.
  • Right. I've actually taken this "negative criticism", which is just flat out insulting, in stride.

    You boys have fun and subscribe to my channel, Allrise Films!
  • I’m jelly? Of what, getting a few muppets into the woods to create your so called “art”?

    You managed to put cringe worthy dialogue, terrible camera shots, horrible pacing, and even worse background music into one giant shit stuffed burrito and expect people to like it. It’s no wonder why you’re hawking this crap here, you’re hoping to find the lowest common demonitor horror fan to give you some praise.

    Take some film and writing courses at a dedicated film school. Get into a real film production company, and help churn out something that doesn’t look like some douche bags with their dads camera got bored on a Saturday night when no girls wanted anything to do with them and went to make a “movie”.

    I’d be ashamed if I was any of them and spend whatever money it took to keep it locked away in a vault at the bottom of the god damn ocean.

    But I have standards.
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  • ^ This guy lol
  • Man with how awwesome your comebacks are I’m shocked you’ve not taken over Hollywood already.
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  • @Myers4thewin ,

    I didn't get a chance to watch the whole video, but I like what I saw. I'll watch the rest when I get the chance. Nice work, man.

    @Blakelock ,

    Seriously, you've already stated your opinion. Move on.
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    Thanks @Pufncraft!! Make sure you stay til after the credits!
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    Knock it off @Blakelock

    You said your opinion and he answered..

    Don't keep this going. Move on.

    When I look up to the sky I see your eyes, a funny kind of yellow
  • Where is this guy's "Film"?
    I'm sure He thinks He could do better. As the saying goes, "Put Up or Shut Up"....
  • RowdyRoddyCrackpiperRowdyRoddyCrackpiper Badstreet USA
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    In the worst movie you've seen thread, Blakelock not only brought up this fan film but actually namedropped the Troll 2 piece of shit director guy out of the blue which had to be his sly cheeky way of revealing he was in fact trolling. Actually he dared mentioning Fragasso in the same sentence as William Lustig. Maniac, Maniac Cop I & II, the underrated revenge movie Vigilante. That's the reason he should not only be permanently banned, but executed and set on fire with a VHS copy of Troll 2 shoved up his ass. While Fred Williamson and Robert Forster pee in his eyes. For proving that he not only doesn't have any taste in bad movies but in cult or exploitation movies either apparently.
  • That was pretty awesome man!
  • you guys did a great job with the music it sets the tone like something really creepy is about to take place I'm not sure if the lighting helped or hurt it. in some ways, it made it a bit scarier but it was really hard to see the characters in some places. overall I think you guys did a really great job with this.
  • Thanks for the kind words, guys!
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