What did you study in college and what's your job now?

Just curious.
I have Mechanical Engineering degree. Now i'm a nuclear engineer.

I started with a diploma in mechanical design and drafting. I worked as a draftsperson for the energy company and they hired me as an engineer when I completed my degree.
What about you?


  • nancenance maryland
    as an undergrad, i studied early childhood education and zoology. in grad school, i got my degree in elementary education. i have been teaching for 25 years and am in my 18th year of teaching headstart/prek in washington, d.c. public schools
  • edited December 2018
    I study Computer Science, hope next year I'll get my bachelor's degree. All I left is to pass my tests and finish critical essay on time. I'm planning to use some help of EssayShark writing service for editing and proofreading check. Hope with its help I'll write it in the best possible way. I want to work in IT after graduation.
  • Criminal Justice, Psychology, Behavioral Analysis, Sociology and Forensic Science. Double major and triple minor. Whew.
  • spookyboospookyboo California
    I studied computer science and after working in the field for 20 years I retired from it and now I'm a podcaster and wannabe horror writer.
  • Studied programming, then understood it's not my cup of tea. Currently, I'm looking for an area which will be suitable for me.
  • I did a degree in Filmmaking at London Film Academy and now I'm a chef

    loooool :/
    • Guilty Remnant •
  • Sociology.
    I teach sociology.
  • Criminal Justice
    Was a PI and armed guard for a while. Got tired of people trying to hurt me. Now I cut up metal to make rocket parts in a machine shop. Needless to say it’s pretty \../
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