My horror art

Hi everyone
This is my first post , I'm a horror fan and artist.You can see my art here

Bloody new year for everybody!!


  • nancenance maryland
    great stuff, josef, bold and bright! really dig the blade runner piece!
  • Any horror fans want to play a fun game, go to this artist's site and click on "Obras" (means "Works", I learned from Google). You can quickly move from one painting to the other, and it was fun for me to guess which movies the paintings represented. I knew all of them but maybe one or two. Doubt the game was intentional (it's an e-gallery for his pieces), but turns out being a very pretty (the paintings are great) horror trivia-type exercise.
  • Oh I just see your messages ,thank you @nance maryland and @Post Ghost ,the game wasn't intentional it's only a gallery but it's a great idea my friend ;)
    This is my latest painting :
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