The Off-Topic Thread February 2019 - My Bloody Valentine: No Love for February Edition

4 days to start this Thread? February getting no love...


Stay away from Coal Miners people!


  • Best Valentine's Day song ever...

    It was the cow...

  • nancenance maryland
  • Threatening oral sodomy is some people's idea of romance.

  • Texas Snacks accidentally marinated himself. You can guess the rest.

  • Lmao had no idea it was February
  • @nance I always loved Bride of Re-Animator, ever since my friends showed me a worn VHS copy. They had already seen it, but I hadn't. I think they thought it was going to be a joke, like hey let's watch the B-movie and laugh, but I was not laughing, for me it was love at first sight.

    The novella was used as a source for Bride. There is no "Bride of" storyline, but the sequel borrows other things. The antagonist in both films (West's rival) is based on a character from the novella named Major Clapham-Lee, who carries his own head around in a suitcase and controls the other zombies with telepathy, and the conclusion of Bride is taken from a chapter in the novella called The Tomb Legions.
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
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    I only saw the Re-Animator sequels this year, as they never had a local release. And I hadn't splurged on any special edition due to thinking they'd be second rate.

    Love both sequels. The climax of the second with all those hidden creations is oddly disturbing. They aren't as 'good' as the original, but they're certainly a fun romp.
  • nancenance maryland
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    bride of re-animator is an utter delight, and alongside return of the living dead 3, cements brian yuzna as THE director of gooey love stories. jeffrey combs rant near the end is immortal.

    i also think beyond was pretty great. i wish they'd make some more...
  • Wind chill between -40 and -50 through Thursday. ARCTIC outflow air is entrenched in the province. Ridiculous.
  • Haha Se7en is freezing his balls off.
  • My managers are trying to railroad me right now. I've worked the last 5 and a half years as a cashier and I busted my ass to get a full time position, which is a rarity in that store. Now they're more focused on self-checkout so they've slashed part-time cashiers' hours and are expecting me to do the work of 4 people and when I can't do that, they give me shit for it. They've called me in twice to the back office within the last 2 weeks to bitch at me for bullshit reasons.

    The first time, I got yelled at for not jumping on a register to ring out people while I was already ringing people out at self-checkout (we always have a cashier at self-checkout and management now expects us to help every single customer who comes to self checkout). So basically I was expected to be in 2 places at once. Then today, my manager flat out lied to me by saying he "observed" me ringing out several customers at a register without saying a word to them. I'm admittedly a quiet guy, but there's no way I'm going to help a customer without at least saying Hello and Have a nice day.

    Both times I've been called to the back office, the manager's told me that I'm not fit to be a cashier and that I should transfer to another department. Specifically a part time position in the garden department, which I have little to no knowledge of. Afterwards, I talked to a coworker who's been there longer than me and she told me that'd they're getting ready for the busy season in the spring and need to fill a position in that department. Rather than hire any new workers though, they just want to play musical chairs with the employees they already have. So they either get me to take the position or they get on my case so much that I quit and they no longer have to pay me for 40 hours of work every week. Well, I'm not quitting (at least not yet). I'll sell more of their shitty credit cards and loudly greet as many customers as I can just to show the managers that their bullshit excuses are just that, bullshit.

    While I do that, I'm also going to apply to a few other jobs. I should've done this already but a lot of shitty things that've happened in the last few years (like my Ex having an abortion) pretty much destroyed my self-confidence and made me feel like I wasn't good enough for anything else. But not anymore. I am going to find a better job and eventually leave this shithole. But on my terms, not theirs.

    Apologies for the giant blocks of text. I even split them into paragraphs to make them easier to read. I just had to get that off my chest.
  • nancenance maryland
    rant away, puf. it's good for the soul. fuck those assholes. you've got the right idea...bide your time while looking for something better. hang in there; you've been through--and handled--worse.
  • Yeah dude, buy your time and get out of there. If someone told me I wasn't fit to be a cashier I'd be taking out aisles on my way out the door.
  • Thanks guys. The fact that this piece of shit lied to my face is what really irks me. I know I need to improve in some areas, but making shit up about me is fucking uncalled for.
  • Definitely. It was my mistake, but I was made to finish my shift before I was told I was fired at Walmart. Don't let them fuck on you.
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    You're going nowhere in life. None of us are.

    Its all pointless and meaningless. Death please take me. (After MK11)
  • It's whatever you make it to be
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord

    Fuckin Millennials.
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