2019 BD CULT DRAFT: Discussion Thread

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2019 BD CULT DRAFT: Discussion Thread

This draft is meant to be a celebration of obscure oddities and forgotten gems.

Sign-ups will be open until Sunday, February 24 @ 11:00 PM EST. If you would like to participate, SIGN UP HERE.
There will be no add-ons once the first round has been completed.

Drafting will begin Monday, February 25 @ 12:00 noon EST.

You must have participated/voted in a previous B-D draft to sign up.

First round match-ups will be posted approximately one week from the end of the draft.

The Rules:

-- Drafting will begin Monday, February 25 @ 12:00 noon EST.
--We will be utilizing a snake draft that goes from top to bottom, bottom to top, etc. with the people at each end drafting twice.
--Players will draft 10 films.
--8 films must have an IMDB score of less than 100,000 votes.
--2 films can be over 100,000 but must still be under 200,000 votes.
--Participants should use discretion when picking their films. If it's a vanilla film that's been drafted 100 times already in the AGD, don't draft it just because it falls within the IMDB requirements.
-- If a participant fails to post their pick within the allotted time, it is to be made it up at the end of the draft. A second missed pick will result in automatic removal and any picks will be dead.
--First Round match-ups will be posted approximately one week after all picks have been made and will remain open for a reasonable length of time. Length of voting time will be adjusted accordingly for additional matches. PLEASE VOTE -- If a player doesn't vote in any matches, they will not be permitted to participate in future drafts.

--Please post your picks using the following format: Film (Year) - Director ~ # of IMDB votes


Jaws (1975) - Steven Spielberg ~ 468,791 votes

SIGN UP HERE: https://bloody-disgusting.com/talkback/messages/add/gwally

Draft Order:

The Vigilante
H.P. Pufncraft
Mr. Awesome


  • nancenance maryland
    pm sent, love me some cult draft. i'm gonna hold myself to 25,000 or less.
  • Mr_CottonMr_Cotton I am in Hell. Help me.
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    I'm in. PM sent.
    "It's Frank. It's Uncle Frank. You remember. Come to Daddy."
  • PM Sent.
  • PM sent
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    @gwally Just wanted to be clear. Puf had said that I could draft films that had hardcore sex in them. AKA a porno movie that is also still considered a legitimate movie from the Golden Age of porn. Are we all cool with that? We are all adults here and it's not like i'll be posting nude images or anything. Just poster art maybe a Youtube clip or two and telling you where to view the film. I'm asking again......is that okay?
  • As long as the films follow the IMDB criteria listed in the draft rules, I don't see why not. Keep in mind that there is a reason why we no longer have the porn draft or the members only thread so no nudity--not my rule.
  • @gwally Not a problem. I will make sure and keep everything clean of nudes. Thanks Gwally. :)
  • @BlackDragonShogun your're welcome!
  • Someone PM'd the following question and I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to see and comment:

    "Might sound like a dumb question but, in relation to the draft what constitutes as a Cult movie? to me a cult movie is one that was maybe overlooked from it's release but built a strong following over years, i,e Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Some consider them stictly Indie films."
  • nancenance maryland
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    i think that's why the imdb users number is used, to essentially make the drafting process somewhat uniform. it does slightly deviate from the idea of "cult" film, because it reduces the choice to one based on numbers, not actual arc of a film's life and growth to cult. but we'd be debating a lot about what cult means if we didn't have that marker. i do think 100,000 votes are high. in the earlier days, we used a limit of like 25,000. back to the future, which i doubt any one of us would think of as a cult film, only has like 914,000 votes, so it qualifies. that's the problem with the imdb system, because a lot of older movies don't have 100,000 users because they you know, precede the internet. true cult movies like rocky horror and night of the living dead, which have the experience that gwally's pm describes, have over 100,000, probably because of their cult status, despite being old, they're very present for those of us dedicated people that love them. so, they're off limits. i think the imdb thing just helps to solve some of the subjectiveness of what makes something cult, ironic i know. it's imperfect, but we'd be arguing left and right otherwise, i think. the thing about a lower user count, like say 50,000 or less, is that encourages us top pick "lesser seen" movies, which is sort of what our cult draft is more about.
  • Very fair point @nance no arguments here.
  • I'm fully aware of what Cult films are and what criteria has to be met Gwally, no worries. Vanilla should really have no place in a draft like this anyway. This draft seems like a great opportunity to introduce others to hidden gems, they might not have ever seen otherwise.

    I hope you guys give my picks a chance. This isn't your average run of the mill porn. These are legit films, with story lines and plot, and solid acting. The sex is really just there to make the movies qualify as porn. That's what's so great about the Golden age of adult films.......they really tried to pump out great movies.....not just fuck films like they do today. I think you all will be pleased with the movies I end up drafting, and will actually be thrilled that I introduced you to them as they really are great.

    Even if it's not your thing, I ask kindly that you please, PLEASE, at least give my films a chance and watch them. Even if you end up not liking them, the fact that you did watch them, would make me very happy.....and I plan to watch all of your picks as well guys. Let's have a great time with this draft. <3
  • Dunno of what other sites that are like IMDB to get some numbers from, but what other rules would you use?

    Didn't do well at the theater, but got a following later makes sense, but then, a growing following a year later, tho might still have done well at the theater

    It was the cow...

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    I'm sticking with the imdb numbers for my picks. Anyone who doesn't like it can eat my asshole. I don't care. B)
  • I have no issue with using imdb even if they are Marks for Oscar bait/winners and wont drop that gimmick but until we get a site which is not treated like and advocate to red headed step child it will just have to do. And @BlackDragonShogun if Ms. 45 is not on your list i will be pissed that includes "Catherine" if you know that one.
  • edited February 25
    The mark thing shouldn't be an issue. It's about the amount of votes, not what the ratings are.
  • Mr_CottonMr_Cotton I am in Hell. Help me.
    I'm going with a theme.

    Is name dropping allowed? Because @FormaldehideNSeek just dropped two.
    "It's Frank. It's Uncle Frank. You remember. Come to Daddy."
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    Is that the draft line up?

    Cuz I'm leaving for work soon and will be gone for the 12 oclock start. Don't want to hold up the draft , if I don't know, not my fault.

    I am a tragedy that sings about joy
  • edited February 25
    @Wonderlust If you need somebody to post your picks for you, i'm more than happy to do it. I'm off of work all day the next three days.
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