The Off-Topic Thread March 2019 - Madness Edition

It was the cow...



  • nancenance maryland
    Today is my oldest son's birthday! 9 years ago today, we were celebrating the end of 50 hours of active labor (all glory to my AMAZING wife) with our very long baby! now he's a tall, voracious reading third grader. ah, time...
  • Happy Birthday to your son, Nance!

    My little bro is turning 10 later this month.
  • nancenance maryland
    thanks, puf! i meant to say, he's what got me into horror forums. one bleary-eyed morning at like 4am, trying to stay awake while he lay on the floor playing with this and that, i was surfin the web and thought i'd check out fangoria's website. i saw the forums, started reading, then joined up. that led me here and other places. i'm much better for it. thanks, little baby who woke up in the middle of the night all the time!
  • Feb went by so fast.

    Happy Bday to your son!
  • Happy Birthday to your boy Nance!
  • nancenance maryland
    thanks! we've had a great celebration weekend!
  • nancenance maryland
    for all of you spider fans out there...

  • Will need an extra large boot for that one.
  • BD is still up there as one of my go-to sites but that’s more about habit than anything else. This place is an absolute shell of its former self. The last format upgrade has proven to be a disaster and enough time has passed to dispel any notion of people simply needing time to get acclimated. This forum needs an update that at the very least resembles the old format.
  • @Sea Hag they don't even traffic anyone here anymore either.

    Think if just their Twitter or Facebook page actually sanctioned a draft, think of the flood of people joining up, hell if it was just advertised would help.

    BD is on it's death bed.
  • Forums are just a way of the past, people have transitioned to Twitter and Facebook to talk about their interests. Getting involved in a niche community with established personalities and avatars/profiles to reflect that either isn't interesting or too much work to keep up with. We do get new members, but how many make more than a few posts?

    I love forums because I don't have to be a hand holding kiss ass who has to love and respect everyone. It's just the way of the world, forums are the wild west.
  • Nah that's bullshit, Reddit is huge and it's just a forum with thousand of topics.

    It's one of the most visited sites.

    It's about design and effort with good advertising.
  • It’s a shame because there has been so many great debates and memorable members over the years. I remember having really good back and forths with past members like N2N, Kiddcapone, Kefka, Ite, Crazyralphus, etc.. And other members like Relsh, Zombiebabe, and I Am Legend were just cool people to bullshit with. Now if you post in any given thread there’s a better than good chance it’s a one and done statement. Damn shame...
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    Shit I’m pretty sure you’ve been on here longer than me Freddy and I’ve been a member of this site for 14 years :o
  • I've been on for 16 years now.

    Had many a great debate with Cappone and Muffinman and sports with Klown. Loved talking about guns with Mr. Bill.

    Dragula and the trolling of Orlock too.
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    We had a BD Fantasy Football League back in 2006. Muffinman (who was a moderator) stole everyone’s entry fee money. The fuck vanished right after. Dragula was another memorable member. Klown too but unlike the others he stayed around until fairly recently if memory serves.

    Rich Dude was another cool member as was Mossy. And who could forget about Sir Stoney Of Bow who ended up marrying another member whose name is escaping me.
  • Yeah I remember Muffinman jettisoning after that, it was weird because he had a good trade record. I had quite a few trades with og Jaws and nightmare doom, got my Freddy's Nightmares DVD set from him.

    Mogwai was good for laughs too he's already been banned for like 5 or 6 years.

    Mossy was great, always had the bad taste poster as his avatar if I recall.
  • WonderlustWonderlust ~ Condemned wanderer of solitude
    Mogwai and Orlok are on my forum now. : ) See Orlok most everyday and Mogwai once or twice a month, both are okay. <3

    I am a tragedy that sings about joy
  • Reddit is by no means a typical forum.
  • @nance Congratulations on your family birthday celebration.

    About this forum: You guys have been here a long time and have your own thing, but I've only been a member a couple years and I think this is the best horror site on the internet. Regular members who are intelligent, open minded, and who love the horror genre - doesn't get much better. What other site offers that? I can't think of any.

    I say that BD Forum is the highest quality site for horror (not just for forums, but all websites period) - with the opinions and commentary of the regulars so knowledgeable that they border on elitist (in a good way), and I will keep saying that until someone can show me another site that does it better.

    Even if that were to happen, if someone showed me a new horror site with hundreds of active members well-versed on the genre, I would still feel loyal to BD Forum. For me, BD Forum is the real Bloody Disgusting, and the main page is just something I can click on to get here (occasionally I'll skim over their articles too, just to give them a few more clicks).
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