Whats your Favorite Slasher, Ghost and Monster movie

Mine are:

Child's Play
Halloween 4

The Conjuring 2
Paranormal activity 4

The Meg
Jaws 1&4


  • Trevor Moorehouse Versus The Undead Ponyblowers From Uranus. Yes, it covers all three genres and quite a few others that nobody even knew existed.
  • nancenance maryland
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    @Ashtonjazzyhorror123 i like the cut of your jib; you bring some nice positive vibes with you. i feel like you look for the positive rather than the negative, and display for horror the kind of enthusiasm that brought us all here in the first place.

    slasher: a nightmare on elm street (1984), halloween II (2009), halloween (1978)
    ghost: poltergeist (1982), the ring, 13 ghosts (2001)
    monsters: king kong (1933), creature from the black lagoon (1953), the howling (1981)

    since horror crosses genres more than any other genre of film, let's include some more: howabout zombies, mad science, and animals attack?

    zombies: night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead (original, eh?)
    mad science: bride of frankenstein, re-animator, the fly (1986)
    animals attack: them, jaws, kingdom of the spiders

    c'mon folks, add some more!
  • RowdyRoddyCrackpiperRowdyRoddyCrackpiper Badstreet USA
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    Mad Science: From Beyond, The Void.
    Ghost: The Changeling.

    Sheri Moon Zombie actually played the same character in the Halloween 2 dream sequences as she did in Trevor Moorehouse Versus Undead Ponyblowers From Uranus. She was.....ba-dum-ding....what else? Queen mother of the undead ponyblowers.

    Really though Halloween II (1981). That's my unheralded slasher. I saw the new Halloween and while it was efficient and polished enough, it had goofy shit like a little kid having the same oh shit reaction to the Shape as if his mom found weed and porno mags stashed under his bed. There was also Jamie Lee Curtis referring to the owner of the Jaguars as the new Loomis because that's totally something a real person would do and not a hollow contrived movie character. With that in mind, I'll keep my Halloween II where the Shape was charred to a crisp with his Ahab, Dr. Loomis; fuck you very much. Fuck you all. Very much.
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