NFL Season 2019

nancenance maryland
with free-agency underway, the 2019 season has officially begun. who will unseat the contemptible patriots? the saints? the chiefs? the rams? the cowboys.

and speaking of the cowboys, i'd like to say best of luck to you, cole beasley in the purgatory you've chosen for yourself in buffalo. you should get every dollar you can, man, especially being a shrimpy wr from smu. you've provided countless memorable moments in your vital cowboys career, none more so than that winning catch against the giants to end the 2018 season. you have money hands, run great routes, and have been an essential bail-out for tony and dak, increasing their efficiency and our drive success. what's more, you're of texas, which, i think, is important. you aint michael irvin, bob hayes, drew pearson, dez bryant, or tony hill, but your legend is secure amongst indispensable receivers like butch johnson, kelvin martin, alvin harper, miles austin, and golden richards.

thanks for everything, cole. if shit doesn't work out in buffalo, please c'mon home.


(yep, you caught that one)


  • MaydayMayday - Mega-City One
    OMG it's March. It's not football time. It's March Madness. It's run to the NHL playoffs. It's early NASCAR season. It's less than a month to baseball. Football. Pffffff.

    Jury. Executioner. Judge.#RebootsAndRemakesForever

  • nancenance maryland
    sorry, mayday, but there is room in my heart for only one sport: football (although i was super into figure skating from 1988-1992, i watched the nhl closely for the 94-95 season, and i vaguely keep an eye on the hoyas basketball team because my mother routinely teaches the freshman).

    free agency and the draft crush all other sports ;)
  • RowdyRoddyCrackpiperRowdyRoddyCrackpiper Badstreet USA
    edited March 13
    Yeah, Patriots will probably win it all again next year too. If Cole Pusser wants to freeze his nuts off in Buffalo expecting a 43 percent completion QB (who passes for less yards than he runs for) to get him more involved in the offense, good luck with that, boyo.
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