An American Werewolf In London VS David Cronenberg's The Fly

You've been kidnapped Oldboy style and locked in a room. You have a television and a means to watch movies. You're asked which of these films you want, you can only choose one. Accepting neither is an option also... but in this case I'd choose The Fly. :3


  • MaydayMayday - Mega-City One
    Dude, where do you keep coming up with these random X vs. Y movie match ups? Whatever happened to F13 vs. Halloween? What's next, The Wizard of Oz vs. The Witch?

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  • @Mayday I'm curious about what so-called horror fans would choose.. I'm personally curious. I'm asking a question. I'm slightly suspicious of those of you that don't give an answer. :/
  • WillowfangWillowfang SoCal
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    Neither really, I guess 20 some years ago I would have picked AWIL

    Both have become a lot less interesting to me over time

    AWIL starts out pretty interesting, but then the after the hospital it all goes downhill. I don't mean it starts getting bad in the usual sense of the word, but that the 1st act is great, and then there's almost no 2nd act, and then the 3rd act is like half the movie where he's falling apart. I don't feel paid off for my time in the 3rd act anymore

    And I so used to love werewolves as a kid, but I don't really know of any great werewolf movies any more (for me and my tastes that is)

    For The Fly, I feel like it devolves rather quickly in to a special effects ending and forgot to keep the story going. Like there's two acts of story, but three acts of movie. I feel like the lower quality, but still good sequel with Eric Stoltz has the much better story here

    I think, at least for where these two movies are concerned, I've become an old fuddy duddy. So don't anyone think I'm trying to tear them apart, it's just that these two don't do much for me anymore... :anguished:

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  • My vote goes to The Fly. Both fantastic movies but the Fly is bigger and more powerful in my eyes.
  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    AWIL will always hold a special place for me since it was the first movie I watched when I was a kid that made me really notice and appreciate special effects. That transformation scene was outstanding.
  • amin. Hands down, but I'm very biased as it my favourite movie ever. Funnier, better fx in comparison to reaction to them a the time, though it's very close on that score. Better characters, beter music, and just all round better
  • @Willowfang not about the story

    The Fly if I have to choose. Pretty shitty two movies to end up with.
  • @Se7en no idea what you're trying to say to me?

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    Shouldn't have used that word. The narrative of The Fly matters very little. The last while of it, if disjointed and abrupt, is essential to the overall story being told and ideas Cronenberg was playing with. Like, I guess I'm just questioning what you think the story is.

    Does it give up the romance plot too soon?
  • Like maybe the 1st 2 parts are just high concept and the 3rd act was Cronenberg's goal all along?

    If so, that could be, still not the movie I'd want to walk away with. I'd have to watch it again to decide if that makes it better, but that also makes it something completely different, like apples and oranges different. And I don't think I can get a copy to watch, maybe on Youtube tho, dunno

    Never though of the romance as very deep tho

    It was the cow...

  • Yeah I feel like the 3rd act materializes a lot of the ego, insecurity, and subtle madness that Goldblum was going through in the first two. I will admit that it's not the easiest thing to take seriously and I agree that it's somewhat disjointed, but I'm not sure the movie works without the SFX insanity we end up seeing.

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  • The Fly. It's just too.. imprinting.

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  • Could very well be

    The original is more like atomic horror, tho not obviously so

    While the remake doesn’t follow that theme at all, more like a Cthulhu/alienation horror of the man messing with things he shouldn’t variety

    It was the cow...

  • Really need to see the original
  • RustyNailFromHellRustyNailFromHell Is between your girlfriend legs, while her parents watch with approval.
    Love both films, but I have to go with AWIL.
  • whoever called AWIL a shitty movie is a git, in every possible sense of the word
  • The Fly. If I am stranded in a room forever, my attraction to beefy, acrobatic Jeff Goldblum will keep me going.
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