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    Went to Rev Pro tonight, was a solid show. Riddle Vs Suzuki and Ospreay Vs ZSJ were great. I really like Keith Lee and hope he keeps going upwards. Apparently his match with Ishii yesterday was amazing.

    Got photos/autographs with;

    Riddle was super cool, gave me a hug and was so appreciative.
  • Sounds awesome <3 Ospreay and Riddle seem like really awesome dudes from what I've seen. Gonna check out the Ishii/Lee show pretty soon here. He and Donovan Dijak (new WWE guy) had a 5* match at BOLA this year that I need to check out still, he's been around but kinda exploded this year.

    Riddle/Suzuki sounds insaaaane
  • I've seen his BOLA match against Dijak, while it is nuts it's also a really dumb spotfest. Saw a 20 minute match against Ricochet that had terrible psychology as well so he does frustrate me but he has all the tools. I had never heard of him until this year, no idea where he's been all this time considering he's in his 30s.
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    Riddle's Rain-Trigger/Tombstone/Danielson elbows/choke sequence is fucking AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    Naito's pop :ooooo
  • Ishii and Lee are so good that they can build to a basic suplex and make everyone go insane. Hell of a fucking match, great story. So weird seeing Ishii in a match where he isn't the dominating force against a smaller guy.

    Bushi/Ryan Smile/Josh Bodom - 3.75
    El Desperado/Matt Riddle - 4
    Naito/Marty Scurll - 4
    Ishii/Keith Lee - 4.5
    Goto/Ospreay vs Suzuki/ZSJ - 3.5
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    Paige might be back tonight on RAW! Photo surfaced of her at the arena already. Would be great to have her named as the 5th team member.
  • Jack Swagger will be a Bellator heavyweight in 2018
  • I wanted Paige on Smackdown but I'll settle for Raw. Now Alexa will have to be my second favorite. :'(
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    I had a feeling they wouldn't put her on the same show as Woods.
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    Good for Swagger, I bet he's making decent dough and will be happier than in WWE. He might also fair respectably in MMA since he's a fucking big agile guy with a decent Amateur background. He'll be much better than Punk although that''s not saying much...

    Paige gets together with Alberto, her career downspirals into non-existence. She breaks up with Alberto and now she's gonna be back on Raw. Hmmmm.
  • Original plan was for her to be on Smackdown

    Been training at the PC, was gonna be before SS for sure.
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    Are Rocky's screams as hilarious in person as they are on stream?


    Ishii/Mastiff like a shittier version of the Keith Lee match with like no heat

    DAY 2

    Romero/Bodom - 3.75
    Ishii/Mastiff - 3
    Smile/El Desperado - 3.5
    Naito/Bushi vs Nagata/Keith Lee - 3.25
    Riddle/Suzuki - 3.75
    ZSJ/Ospreay - 4.75

    Ospreay/ZSJ is probably the best match since G1, can't believe you got to witness that classic. FUCK man. The technical craziness of ZSJ's G1 match with Ibushi with your typical Ospreay high spots and sequences. They played off their past matches, constantly pulling out reversals and going back to strike battles for the upper hand. Great job of getting across that these two knew the other's every move, made everything that happened by the finish momentous and the finish itself surprising. Gotta say the Riddle match is probably closer to a light 4 but the Suzuki-gun interference in almost all his matches these days are always a downer. Dope shows overall.
  • They're gonna have to dress Jordan up in a mask and change his name if they ever want this guy to get over. This program is dying such an unbelievable death. Terrible promo, acting like Kurt's his football coach in middle school. I never laugh during movies, but I was dying listening to this kid tonight. Their facial expressions were comedy gold in that segment.

    Then Hunter comes out with his shovel. At least the main event was cool.
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    I didn't think Angle had anymore balls to be cut off after the first "invasion" and then Stephanie. Then behold the game to do the same. Why would Angle just stand there and let HHH just do that? Piss poor writing. Angle is talking about Shane having balls and that he was gonna break his ankle to that? Pathetic.

    The whole Jordan thing is ridiculous unless they pay it off with Jordan turning on Angle and costing RAW the match. Rumor is it's gonna be Triple H and Angle at WM so I guess this is kicking that off.

    I wonder if RAW is gonna invade SD tonight? Edge of my seat.

    Still no interest in this ppv outside of AJ and Brock.

    Oh and still nothing for winning or losing any of the matches outside of Kurt possibly losing his job? Unless I missed something.
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    Rumor is officials were upset with Paige about the pic that surfaced earlier yesterday. So I guess that's why we got Bayley. Yawn.
  • Off to a wonderful start!

    Honestly, the title matches being non-title makes the most sense. Everything else is death.
  • Jordan mouthing "dad?" with tears in his eyes before getting Pedigree'd will stick with me for decades
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