Suspiria REMAKE is going to be great

A clearly brilliant director behind it, and a great cast.

Dario's film will always be golden, but stop this fucking retarded blind rage against remakes. Most remakes suck, hard. . but this has serious potential if you erase what you know and give yourself time to enjoy the idea of a new tell on this story.


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  • Luca Guadagnino is a master. Call Me By Your Name is the best film of 2017, and to think he's following it up with this is ridiculously exciting.

    Gonna be better than Argento's probs
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  • Handling it.. don't worry.

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  • what is the story of the first movie even

    take away the color you take away the soul
  • Instead of investing in remakes, the monies should go to new film talent, that have new ideas that give us (the horror audience) something we haven't seen before. x

  • Been waiting with baited breath for this... and it doesn't disappoint. Going to be iconic, mark my words.
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  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    I'm going to quote Obey on this..

    "The Suspiria trailer (remake...sequel...whatever they said it was) doesn't look terrible, but it also looks like about 10 other things I've seen before. Part of the amazing magic of the first film is that nothing quite apes that movie's look and style even 40 years after it's been out. That said, this just looks like a competently directed thriller that's going to get WAY more attention than it deserves because of its name."

    He actually hit the nail on the head here, for once.
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    Argento's Suspiria is lame. I said it. Easily his most boring film, pre-1990's.

    If you like ridiculous amounts of oversaturated blue and red lighting awash over nearly every single frame of a movie, then I guess it's nice visually. But honestly what else does it have going for it? Lot's of potential there, too, which hopefully Guadagnino will embrace.
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  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord

    Were you dropped on the head at birth? From the empire state building?

    Suspiria has a hell of a lot going for it. Even if you take away its phenomenal lighting. The score by Goblin is fantastic, utterly so. The story is pretty damn good. A dance academy ran by a secret cult of witches, using the school as what? A device to recruit members? A way of which to feed off the life of the pupils? Its never clarified, part of its beauty.

    The kills are great, the effects are great, its atmosphere is strong and benevolent. Its a very eerie film.

    If you can't see that, that's on you and your lack of acknowledgment. Its not heralded as one of the greatest amongst genre fans for no reason. Having your own opinion is fine, but 'lame, boring, over saturated, with nothing going for it'

    That's just utterly absurd. Like I said, opinion is fine, but when you're opinion is in the extreme minority, don't shoot out acting like its fact.
  • Not a big Fan of Giallo, but I liked Whatever Happened to Solang a lot better, still Susperia isn't bad either

    It was the cow...

  • CryptusCryptus 45 Lampkin Lane

    Stylishly beautiful cinematography, an entrancing score, a deliberate Fairy Tale inspired atmosphere complimented by surreal and paranoid storytelling elements, and a FUCKING GERMAN SLAP-DANCING SCENE YOU PIECE OF ACTUAL HUMAN GARBAGE
    "...Why not?"
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    Has user name atmosphere, doesn't know what atmosphere is.
  • This is going to be awesome. A very talented director with a great cast. I'm in.

    Let's be honest, take the pretty color scheme out of the original and you're not left with muhc.
  • Love this teaser trailer. Looks likes it will stand very well on it's own. Could Italian horror be making a major comeback? I hope so.
  • lol @ you guys and your remakes. Reminds me of Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football.

    Objective Observer: (taps Remake Victim politely on shoulder) Hey, you know she's just going to pull that football away again, right? Same as she did EVERY OTHER TIME?

    Remake Victim: Shut up, pussy. This time is different. This is going to rule. (runs full-speed at football, kicks as hard as he can, connects with nothing as football is moved, somersaults backwards in midair and lands on ass in dirt, seems genuinely confused about what happened).

    Here is another thing it makes me think of. Hey guys, I just copied Van Gogh's Starry Night, only I modernized it, what I like to call my artistic contribution. I painted cellphone towers in there, and some electric cars. But anyways, you guys like it better than the original, right? (sound of crickets chirping)
  • CryptusCryptus 45 Lampkin Lane
    Dude what the fuck are you screeching about?
    "...Why not?"
  • Lost all faith in you people
  • That said this looks wonderful. Stop comparing the two
  • OxleyOxley Scumdog Overlord
    "This looks wonderful"

    Seen approximately 25 seconds of footage.
  • I'll watch it, should be neat.

    I've actually seen the original no more than a year ago my first time. It's not bad, but I wouldn't call it the masterpiece old fashion movie plebs love to call it.

    But that's just me.
  • It was a two minute trailer and I've seen more than enough in that to know how Luca is shooting it.
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