Scene Comparison: 28 days later and Gotham (video)

Remember this iconic scene from 28 days later, a scene that may have very well inspired Gotham, check it out.


  • I remember at the start of that scene I knew what was coming, and Gotham has mimicked a great number of other shows or movies

    I'm watching on Netflix, no regular TV here, so be awhile for season 4+

    Another thing is I think Captain Barnes here, MC, was totally channeling The Running Man, the way he played The Executioner

    Gotham has really been tons of fun, one high point I think was when Clayface I assume, impersonates... well, I won't say who for spoiler's sake, not like it was ever a secret, but was pretty fun just watching the actor not really play his character like that

    It was the cow...

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