Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Discuss the upcoming sequel. Needless to say, I'm pretty damn excited for this.



  • The early reactions are getting me so excited. Complete social media shutdown until Thursday.
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    Going to see it next weekend. Theater is going be packed. The last two Star Wars films had lines of people all the way to the main doors of the mall. But it's worth it to see Star Wars on the big screen.
  • I'm going to IMAX, Thursday morning. I can't wait.
  • I'm a very big movie theater goer. Currently this year (2017) I've been to the movies 55 times, and last year 50 times. I'm currently recording all this info for financial curiosity and I just like going to the movies as a social event.

    Needless to say I'm very well familiar with movie info and patterns. This is easily the most sold out movie I've seen in years. It's going to break box office records, and I was barely able to reserve me some seats for a very late Friday night show. Looking forward to it.
  • Going to IMAX in 2 hours !!
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    By the end of the movie I just didn’t like it and now have moved to almost hating it.
  • The only part about this movie I disliked was the bullshit Finn/Rose sub plot.

    But if you ask me, I say this is leagues better than The Force Awakens and is one of the Franchises best..
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    I agree on the Finn/ Rose. Rose is the new Jar Jar to me. But disagree about it as one of the best. I would rank it near the bottom. There was only a few things I liked but nothing that stood out at all to me.
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    @TexasSnacks Here here! The few good parts of the film were overshadowed by inconsistencies in story, plot, editing, and overwhelmingly stupid decisions by main characters. In addition to Rose, I hated Laura Dern's and Benicio Del Torro's characters. They were one-note uninspired caricatures with uninspired performances. And the slapstick overuse of those stupid puffins. This is the one SW movie I honestly don't care if I ever see again.

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    I actually liked Benicio’s character. I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of him but definitely agree about Laura Dern. I can’t stand her in anything to begin with and she was especially dull here.

    It just felt like I had seen this movie before and there was nothing new or different here. The stuff that was suppose to be funny just seemed silly to me not even worth a chuckle by midway through the movie.

    Idk. I’ll admit some of it may be because I was expecting/hoping for something different and it didn’t happen and what I was given wasn’t satisfying. I’m not a Star Wars nut either but all the other movies there was at least something for me go back to even in my least favorite. There is nothing that makes me want to rewatch this.
  • :D

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    I could have done without Del Toro's character, hell that entire sub plot could have been cut but I enjoyed everything else. I love that certain reveals just don't matter. This film is a statement of fan expectations. There's no point in coming up with endless theories because when they don't play up everyone gets up in arms. I loved that Johnson really turned it on its head.
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    Where did he turn it on it’s head? That’s what i was expecting but that isn’t what I saw. It seemed like a paint by number SW movie. Nothing special at all.
  • @TexasSnacks the expectations when it came to certain characters, mainly Rey, Kylo and Snoke.
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    @TexasSnacks It turned it on it's head because the Director went the opposite direction practically everyone and their dog thought it would go regarding Ren, Kylo and Snoke. Pretty much what Guns said.

    Major spoilers people:

    -Everyone wanted and hoped for Ren to be a Skywalker.. WRONG

    -Everyone wanted and hoped for Snoke to be revealed as some major bad in the Lore (Darth Plagueis) and have more info revealed about him.. WRONG

    (The hate regarding Snoke I find completely unfair considering the theory that if he truly is Darth Plagueis the Wise then who's to say he won't come back like he already has? He's conquered death right? There are Already pretty good theories that he knew Kylo would kill him. Seriously, wait till the next movie before we make all these judgements).

    -Everyone expected Luke Skywalker to be some Mary Sue hero to come and save everyone.. WRONG

    I could go on but frankly I personally felt The Force Awakens is the "paint by number" SW movie. Force Awakens virtually gave us THE. SAME. EXACT. STORY. WE. HAVE. ALL READY. SEEN regarding Star Wars. The mere fact that TLJ completely disregarded TFA's predictable formula makes me love it.

    I can understand some of the complaints, to be fair I'm not your die hard Star Wars fan. Infact I think the franchise is pretty basic, so I come to these movies expecting something fun and good looking. TLJ is arguable one of the best in the franchise on a cinematography level. I'm just looking for different things, and I actually like the new direction of Ren/Kylo now. (I hated Kylo's character in TFA, one of the best scenes was Snoke calling him a failure because "he couldn't even beat a girl who hasn't touched a lightsaber in a fight"). Good shit.
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    Overall I was entertained, but I did have some issues with the film. I don't wan't to be too critical, but it depends how this movie flows into the next one.

    Kylo Ren still hasn't showed a real threat level to Rey. Luke story was a huge build up from the first one, but felt it fell flat. They had a miss opportunity with Leia story, maybe 2 opportunities. Did I see certain books in a drawer after they were supposedly destroyed?
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    I'm just gonna say **SPOILERS** here

    @Glass Eater Ok those weren't things I was expecting but even so just because Snoke, Ren, Rey, Luke was "turned" on it's head didn't make it entertaining or interesting to me at least.

    I don't know anything about Star Wars outside of the movies so I had no expectations for anyone to be anyone particular. So "Darth Plagueis" means nothing to me.

    I lost interest in Snoke once they actually showed him. I had a feeling once they stripped away the big bravado projection he wasn't going to be a big deal. Once he went in to full on super villain monologue with Rey, I was just plain done with him. Uninteresting.

    I didn't want to see Ren as a conflicted character at all. I wanted him to be a resolved bad ass. Not some sniveling man child like Anakin with his long teary eyed stares but now doesn't seem as a credible threat at all.

    I never cared for Luke anyways so I wasn't really looking forward to anything he did unless he turned bad guy. It completely threw me off when it looked like he stopped for a haircut and to some JUST FOR MEN. Granted it made sense after the reveal but took me out of the moment for a bit.

    I think it started going downhill when it looked like Leia was dead (which I would have liked) but then just started floating back to safety. Now I know she has the force but had she ever been shown to use it in the movies? I may have just missed it. If not it just felt hokey to me.

    The "comedy" just felt silly and seemed like 10 year old humor at best. I keep hearing that they have done that through other SW's but that just makes my point of what was so different here?

    IDK Rogue One has quickly become one of my favorite of the franchise behind Empire. To me that was "turned on it's head" and interesting whereas this was not. I don't fault anyone for liking it though. To each their own.
  • @Glass Eater

    I'm with you. Everything that fanboys wanted and theorized about was shown to be the exact opposite and that's what I appreciated about the film.


    Luke was going to come back and save the day - nope, didn't happen.

    After knowing the history of the failures of the Jedi, and then his nephew destroying his academy and going dark, Luke being a grumpy old hermit wanting nothing to do the the Force/Jedi made total sense.

    Rey's parentage was super important and she was either going to be a Skywalker or a Kenobi - nope.

    The film shows that anyone can be a hero. You don't need to be a Skywalker. Hello, broom boy at the end.

    Snoke was either Darth Plageuis or some other super big bad Sith lord - nope

    What I liked about Snokes death is that propels Kylo's arc forward, and we didn't need some big elaborate backstory on him. Until the prequels came along we had no idea who The Emperor was and it would have stayed that way if the prequels weren't made.

    Don't understand the problem with Leia using the Force to propel herself back to the ship. She's the daughter of the strongest Jedi that ever existed.
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    "Don't understand the problem with Leia using the Force to propel herself back to the ship. She's the daughter of the strongest Jedi that ever existed."

    Maybe because the only time we see her use it is to save herself and not use the force to help anyone else ever...Unless I missed something of course.
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