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Just finished the season and it was bad ass. Jon Bernthal was made to play Frank Castle. I think the way they connected his story arc from DareDevil to this first season was masterful. Solid villains and supporting characters except for Madani. I just couldn't get behind her character. She was supposed to be this female bad ass and I didn't buy it. That's my only complaint. The violence and action scenes were brutal and awesome. I can't say enough good things about this season and want a season 2 ASAP!

What did y'all think?


  • TexasSnacksTexasSnacks is Certified Rotten
    @Willowfang Yes on Jigsaw. I loved every second of that beating.
  • First few episodes are really good. I'm kinda hesitant to watch this since in Daredevil, the character is still Punisher lite compared to the character I know. That glossed up, ugly Netflix aesthetic just isn't Punisher or low class New York. I was watching back some uncensored videos of the video game and maaaaan does he just fucking slaughter people. Same with the original movies.

    I just hope they aren't hesitant to throw out some fucked up shit at us, it being Marvel and Netflix. Lame and #edgy I know but if you're gonna do the character, that's what you gotta do.
  • That said, I've loved Bernthal ever since "The Barn" moment in The Walking Dead. Such an awesome dude, and always great.
  • I finished the show over a week ago. It's great, easily one of the best Marvel/Netflix shows out there.

    Bernthal is perfect for the role, other than that my biggest pet peeve is how similar some of it felt to the other Marvel shows (Daredevil). They seem to have a fetish on using a pretty face girl as the investigator/cop who is getting the back story of the show.

    Either way, some of the violence and gun action was very brutal and a step above most shows, so for that they get a major +.

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    @Seven just keep watching. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Yeah, if you know Jigsaw, and realize “Oh Crap, origin!” It’s not being as shy as you might expect

    Now it’s not as gritty as it could have been if hard R grindhouse, but you know he’s not gonna be pretty next season

    It was the cow...

  • Finished this today. Wow, what a show. It's everything I was expecting. Loved the story and Jon Bernthal was born to play this role. It took a bit to get going, but the second half was insane. The violence was off the wall crazy good.

    Looking forward to season 2.
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    Is Madani the chick reporter? This whole dynamic with a journalist type and their doofus co-worker is already one of Marvel's most annoying tropes. Existing solely to give us that background info Frank and hacker buddy can't talk about is just AGHHHHHHHH.


    One thing I loved about Kandahar is they did the cool badass torture situation right at the beginning, only to throw it in our face with the actual war horror almost right away. Puts cracks in the awesome vigilante facade without backing down from it, great stuff.
  • @Se7en Madani is the DHS agent
  • Yeah, that's who I'm thinking of. Clearly not paying attention whenever she's on screen lol.
  • ...until those sex scenes

    Anyway those last two episodes exceeded any and all expectations for brutality. Can comfortably say this Punisher is the best, made way more sense to build like they did. Unbelievable how well it works on an emotional level given how numbing the violence can be.
  • Yeah the last two episodes were brutal as fuck, especially when Castle was having his ass handed to him by Rawlins, until he gets free.
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    I think the pacing was great. It built and built to the point I getting giddy and anxious for that scene with Rawlins. The way they intertwined Castles flashbacks/dreams/nightmares was pretty masterful building to that scene. I'm usually not a fan of constant back and forth but these made sense and made you feel Castle's pain throughout.

    Will be interesting how they will tell the story next season. Doesn't seem like they can rely on that again too much going forward.
  • I felt like this could have been a mini-series and the ending we got could have worked. Where do you go after this? Frank goes back to killing and killing for... what? I don't know how far you can take him down the rabbit hole of misery and destruction before it loses its luster, and it would fast. I'm interested, but I don't know. He was pretty much broken in the first episode.
  • In the comics he finds new targets that the cops can't really get at and takes them out, or may help a friend or neighbor that needs help, but may not have actually come to him for help

    Could also see Karen Page being a regular, could be some dating there eventually if Daredevil and her don't start, and she may ask for him to check some people out

    In the Comics, Microchip was around for a very long time, if Micro comes back, he could track down people the police don't even now about.

    There's like 3 Punisher titles, and lots of mini-series', there's like 60-70+ years easy of Punisher material out there (this is counting multiple titles, so 2 titles in one year = two years of material)

    It was the cow...

  • More like about 43 years. Punisher debuted in 1974.
  • @Willowfang the only thing is unlike comics, you can't just do different iterations, storylines, timelines, etc to keep things fresh. I was looking for some comics to download and there are a bunch of different origin stories they could have done. I have no doubt he's still gonna be going after people, I'm just concerned that the arc of a broken man being broken and finding what little of himself is left through vengeance is something we've already gone for and there aren't many other places we can go to not only push Frank further, but make it mean something in the wake of this season which I can't imagine could be more introspectively challenging. The character, the show can't just be cold shell of a human killing people, there has to be an end game. He went through too much this season.

    I guess the better question is where does Frank Castle go? What's HIS story now? The Punisher gonna punish. I do like the idea of being with Karen, or finding a girl/family and cleaning up the rest of his business to finally move on from that. It's gonna be a tough balance.
  • Yeah, I think they could do more origin with Jigsaw as the villain, and maybe we find out there's a whole 'nother layer behind, or lead to the conspiracy we already now.

    Also, I'd love for him and Karen to get closer, and this is the Netflix'verse here, but just so you know, in the comics, it was Karen Page and Daredevil that were the couple, but in the comics, she's long dead with a pretty fucked up back story, all due to Frank Miller, if not for him, they may not have gotten together, but she also wouldn't be dead either (most likely, well, unless she went on to die some other way)

    It was the cow...

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    Can't wait
  • Officially cancelled along with Jessica Jones, bad move netflix, just continue pumping out shitty live action remakes of animes.
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