Need Help Identifying An Old Horror Movie

I only saw one scene as a small child, and it scared me enough that I didn't want to see the rest. Now I'm VERY interested. Again, I was very small, so I have limited details, and I really can't be sure if they're accurate, but I'll do my best.

It's black and white, and is probably set in a roughly medieval time. The characters are around a table, maybe with food on it, maybe with a fireplace nearby. I vaguely remember it being a small house.

There's a person either sitting at the table or standing by it, dressed in dark robes. I think it's an old man, but it may be more creature-like, or even a grim reaper.

The other character asks some sort of question, and the "reaper" opens his robes, revealing no body inside. Instead, there's a nightmarish collection of demons, monsters, ghosts, etc. all flying around and making scary faces at the camera. It seems like the reaper is either threatening the man with the horrors within, or promising some kind of power. The man reacts like he's seeing the deadlights.

This is all I remember. Seeing under the robes was too much for my little brain, so I ran away. I think the film had sound, but I couldn't tell you the language or if there was music. I'll answer any questions if I can, but that's about all can come up with to describe this scene.

Seriously, I've Googled the hell out of this, and I really can't find even a tiny clue, so any help is appreciated.


  • Pretty unique, I would think if it was a movie, it would be pretty well know just for it's effects. Makes me wonder if it was from a somewhat obscure TV series

    Night Gallery comes to mind, but wasn't in B&W, there were some hour long Twilight Zones, but not familiar with them

    It was the cow...

  • It's funny you mention Twilight Zone, both of my parents watched a lot of the original series. I'll see if that leads me anywhere. Do you have anything specific from Night Gallery? I remember the black and white pretty distinctly, but I definitely could be wrong. I was less than 5 years old.
  • Just it seems really creepy and NG was known for that. Could it have just been on a B&W TV? And about what year could this have been?

    It was the cow...

  • Nah, I'm a child of the '90s. I've never seen a black and white TV in person haha. My parents just love old movies, and I saw a lot of them growing up. It seemed pretty old though. '30s to '50s.

    There was just one closeup of the inside and a slow pan down. The robe didn't budge during the shot, so I'd guess that it was an animation over a still frame.

    Kinda like this:

    Still, it does really remind me of the "horror anthology" style. No luck yet with Twilight Zone or Night Gallery though.
  • Yeah, like that GIF is what I imagined, images inside a robe, that one scene may have seemed black and white and the movie was actually in color otherwise as well

    It was the cow...

  • this will be likely no help. But the reaper thing sounds like the ghost of christmas future from the bill murray film 'scrooged', now, if you can find out all the info you can on that, it may have being based on the thing from the film you're talking about
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