What got you into horror?

I'm curious to know who or what got people into horror. For me most of my life I tried to avoid anything horror related because of how sensitive I was (I could barely leave the house during October without going into hysterics it was that bad). Then when I was 11 I joined the school book club and they convinced me to try reading Anthony Horowitz book Horowitz Horror. I started seeking out horror videos (mainly countdowns) on youtube and it's been my favourite genre ever since.


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    His name is Jason fucking Voorhees! Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was the first ever horror movie I watched when I was 6 and I just feel he love with the big mongoloid bastard. So I instantly wanted to go to the video store to rent more, which thankfully my parents allowed, and I just remember seeing all the VHS covers of these creepy and wickedly cool cover art that just made me want to watch them all.

    I was never really “scared” of anything that I watched, just more exhilarated more than anything. I also knew it was just a man behind the mask and thought that was even cooler. Next was A Werewolf in London and the transformation scene that made sit up and pay attention to the effects side of things.

    So after that and the fact my mother shared that interest with me and allowed me to watch absolutely anything I wanted with no restrictions, it really helped peak my interest in the horror genre.
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    Freddy Krueger.

    As a kid I couldn't resist always picking up the Nightmare on Elmstreet VHS's on the wall in Blockbuster to look at the back. Several decades later the curiosity finally nailed me and I decided to watch all Elm street movies because they were free on cable. My wife also was working usually when I got home (she hates horror) so it was a good time to check it out.

    Yes, I got into horror in my mid 20's. After ANOES I decided to watch all F13's, then I watched Hellraiser. For the first time, unlike ANOES and F13, Hellraiser was completely different. The prior films were very entertaining but Hellraiser actually Disturbed me greatly, I then realized I was addicted to that feeling and the rest is history.

    And of course I can't forget what impact Aliens had on me as a little boy. I believe I was 9 and it was the first R movie I watched unedited. I'll never forget the feeling that movie left in me when it was over. It was like I witnessed the most epic action flick of all time, and yet I felt so cold and terrified. I couldn't explain why I loved the movie so much despite feeling awful. God I miss being a kid.
  • Not sure... Godzilla? Star Trek? Or maybe it was just the voices....

    It was the cow...

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    As a teen, I was actually terrified of horror films, wouldn't even stay in the room for a commercial! I was at a sleepover, and everyone watched Slumber Party Massacre and Halloween, except me, I hung out with my friend's mom until she went to sleep, then I remained in the kitchen alone until the next morning. A close friend of mine found out about it through the grapevine and decided enough was enough. She invited me to spend the weekend at her home. When I got there, she had a bunch of horror VHS 's and nothing else to do. We watched NOES, The Fog, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre...and many more; by the end of it, not only was I not afraid,I was hooked! In a very real sense, she had created a monster. =)
  • The Thing

    God first time I saw it was when I was eight and I’ve loved horror ever since
  • I would have to say it was my dad, he has been a horror nut since he was a young lad and is a life long student of it like me. aside from movies he loves folklore, true stories and now creepypastas. He allowed me to watch Halloween with him one morning and i was hook as it gave me the drive to go off and study horror for myself. I would get books from the library, find movies that looked interesting and even got me into writing my own horror stories.
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    Seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street ’84 for the first time when I was 11. I then watched all the sequels and became a massive Freddy Krueger fan. As a know nothing kid, I thought all the ANOES films were great, but as I started learning more about film as I was growing up, I came to realize that the franchise started taking a dip in quality from The Dream Master onwards (although, this entry is still quite entertaining). This was until Wes Craven returned to the series and made the very good New Nightmare. Obviously, the original is a masterpiece, and is one of my top 5 favorites of the genre. I have a soft spot for Freddy’s Revenge, as it’s way underrated, it's better than its reputation suggests. Dream Warriors is one of the greatest horror sequels.
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    What got me into horror? Initially it was walking to the video store on the corner of my block and being amazed at some of the covers of the VHS for rent. The first one I picked up was A Nightmare on Elm Street and I was surprised that at 10 years old at the time the video store owner didn't give me an flack for renting it. From their my addiction began. I think I rented every horror movie in that store and it made it so much more of an experience learning that the video store owner was also a horror fanatic and being able to converse about the movies I had rented from her. She is still open to this day and a good friend of the family. I'll never forget those days it certainly isn't like it used to be.
  • I think what planted the seed for me was Disney. I watched Sleeping Beauty many times as a kid, especially loving scenes like Maleficent's introduction and when Aurora is lured to the spindle. I think the scary scenes in Return to Oz also did it for me and of course Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy.
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    My mom, being the irresponsible adult she was, constantly camped me in front of the TV and let me watch all the horror I could take in, and even constantly recommended different ones she thought I'd like. We went to the Video store every weekend or so and shot through all the F13s, Nightmares, Halloweens, Hellraisers and what have you. Then there were the constant TV marathons like MonsterVision and such. Basically I was just allowed to watch what I wanted unchecked.

    I'm not saying it wasn't a mistake.
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    my dad definitely got the ball rolling, and my grandfather added his own experiences as well. my dad grew up on horror and science fiction, and he was clearly more than ready to share them with me from a young age. he took me to see the revivals of the creature from the black lagoon, invasion of the body snatchers, king kong, and horror of dracula at a very young age, to say nothing of jaws (i was six, too young) and creepshow a little later. he of course got it from his father, and few moments do i reflect upon more fondly than watching the bride of frankenstein with my dad and my grandfather (may he rest in peace). i've also been able to appreciate that my grandfather, especially when he returned from world war 2, had many new demons to deal with, and i think he related to misunderstood monsters, with karloff's frankenstein's monster being chief among them. he clearly found commonality creatures who were loathed but meant no harm, which i shudder to think too hard about, because i have no doubt he experienced some pretty traumatic things. he would tell me about being a kid and seeing lon chaney movies, and later, growing up with karloff and lugosi. as i grew into it and forged my own horror path, i was always drawn to the subversion of horror movies (exploration of other, women are strong, don't trust anyone, life is meaningless, religion is zealotry, science should be used with care, etc), there societal importance (such reflecting fears and anxieties of the time period), as well as the stories behind them (make-up fx, a bunch buddies in the woods with 50 grand and a dream, forrest ackerman, a loving community). ultimately, horror is community (family, friends, fans), and it is a community of people who aren't afraid to examine the truth of the matter (we're all going to die). horror fits me perfectly, and i love all of its' iterations.
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    Horror and cinema was always a part of my life. My family loved movies. There was always movie marathons that also included foreign films, but horror movies always stuck with me. That is where my interest was. As I got older I wanted a bit more so seeking on the internet I found underground films and that is where I fell in love. I love all horror movies but my heart will always be in the bowels of the underground and indie film scene. <3
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  • I was deathly terrified of horror movies for ages. I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 back in 2008 along with The Mist and it changed everything. Ever since then, horror has namely been an enjoyable escape and I've really started enjoying it. It just makes me happy. I also love the connection between the horror community. Especially spending time at horror conventions and at Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. It's truly great.
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    Old Universal monsters, and Godzilla films. Staying up late for Friday Fright Nights, and Saturday Creature Feautures as a kid.

  • Micheal meyers in Halloween 2, and the thing.
  • Clive Barker was a huge early influence for me. I was a typical weird, shy introvert who suffered through Catholic school for a time and when I discovered Hellraiser it blew my mind. I was horrified( because of course I believed in the concept of hell at the time) and fascinated. Truth be told I was already into the horror genre, however, Barker really made me fall in love with it. That led to me doing horror podcasts like my current one Flesh Wound Radio, and acting in a few spectacularly bad indie films years back.
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    Those. My mom could monitor what we watched, but not what we got our hands on at school. I'd also add The X-Files TV show and the Goosebumps TV show.

    I got into horror movies in the '90s so the first real horror movie that got me hooked was probably Candyman. I'm still too afraid to say his name in the mirror.
  • I honestly don't remember anymore. I guess I got into horror movies after I saw some kaiju movies, particularly the Godzilla films.
  • My Parents !
    They sat me in front of one of the first Friday the 13th when i was 2 Years Old..
    I don't know why they did that but obviously i loved it, i never stopped watching them since !
    Could have been a dumb idea, but NOPE, i was a little "Gore Whore" Haha
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