Learn How to Make the Clay-Roasted Thigh from 'Hannibal', Pancakes From "Twin Peaks" - Bloody Disgusting
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Learn How to Make the Clay-Roasted Thigh from ‘Hannibal’, Pancakes From “Twin Peaks”



Looking for holiday recipes I stumbled across Binging with Babbage, Andrew Rea’s recipe site that take fictional foods in entertainment and makes them a reality. Touching everything from the Big Kahuna Burger in Pulp Fiction to the Breakfast Dessert Pasta from Elf (so. much. sugar.), there were a pair of genre-themed recipes hiding within the batch.

“The history of eating one’s fellow man is rich with culinary tradition and innovation, carried on in no small part by Dr. Hannibal Lecter,” explains Rea. “In this pivotal scene, he gives a fellow killer a taste of his own medicine, so to speak – if, at the time, he had medicine in his bloodstream, because he’s eating his own leg. So to speak.” The site carries both instructions and full list ingredients.

“Looking at his work, it would appear as though David Lynch loves a few themes: surrealism. Dream sequences. Machinery. And apparently, coffee. Learn how to make the fluffiest of pancakes and the coffeeist of coffees with the help of Nick Fisher from Cocktail Chemistry as we welcome back Twin Peaks this weekend.”


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