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Gillian Anderson Says She’s Done with “The X-Files”, FOX Responds…



This weekend was both cause for celebration and for grieving.  The New York Comic-Con gave many of surprises, one of which was the release of the first footage from the eleventh season of “The X-Files”. The return of Mulder and Scully was triumphant one as they battled the New World Order and their massive alien conspiracy. In fact, the tenth season ended on a huge cliffhanger that made fans super angry, especially because a continuation wasn’t guaranteed by FOX or any of the cast. Now, on the cusp of the early 2018 return of “The X-Files”, the future is already looking grim, again, with one of the show’s stars vocally bowing out.

The trailer debut this past weekend had everyone cheering, everyone except Gillian Anderson. The series star hasn’t been too happy with the production of the eleventh season, vocally shaming Fox and the producers for the lack of women in the writer’s room. The situation was rectified, but it’s sounding as if she’s had enough.

When asked by New York Comic-Con press if she was still open to continuing beyond this season, she gave this stern reply:

“No, no, I think this will be it for me.”

The follow up was perfect, inquiring as to why she returned for this forthcoming Season 11:

“Because it felt like it wasn’t over. It didn’t feel like we necessarily deliver everything the fans were expecting of us last time, and so it was that.”

She’s referring to the open-ended finale of Season 10 that really pissed off a lot of fans. It makes you wonder if it was deliberate in an attempt to keep their two stars around for another season. Even worse, she doesn’t sound too ecstatic or enthusiastic about ever returning.

“I don’t know. You may need to talk to me in a few years about that once I finally shut the door. You know, there’s always been this ‘maybe one more’ thing hanging over, but when the door is finally shut, call me up and ask me that question again.”

The site reached out to FOX for comment and received this reply:

Gillian Anderson “has not commented on returning as it’s premature in that she is currently filming the new event series.”

That’s the obvious answer, especially considering they’re still filming and promoting the release.  No matter, it’s crushing to hear Anderson speak at if she’s hanging up her coat and turning in her F.B.I. badge for good this time.

If there’s anything to take away from this it’s that the forthcoming Season 11 should wrap up the story once and for all.

Here’s the Season 11 trailer released this past weekend.

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