[Indie Horror Game Theater] Unreleased 'PlayStation' Horror Game 'Misshapen 歪' is Out on PC Now, and it's Pretty Weird - Bloody Disgusting
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[Indie Horror Game Theater] Unreleased ‘PlayStation’ Horror Game ‘Misshapen 歪’ is Out on PC Now, and it’s Pretty Weird



Indie Horror Game Theater showcases some of the weird, wonderful, and downright creepy indie horror titles on itch.io, Steam, and more.

While today a puzzle game with weird physics implemented into them doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, a game like Misshapen 歪  still manages to be something truly odd, and more than a little creepy.

Misshapen 歪 was supposedly an unreleased, unfinished, title for the original PlayStation, and the early build of it was recovered by the police after its creator was murdered in Japan in the 1990’s. Later it would be recovered and put on the internet (so the story goes) It features the ability to cause rapid cellular growth in your underdressed foes and use those growths to reach hidden areas and seemingly heal its barren world. As you can see below, it’s certainly on the eccentric side.

Turning strange men into mad bubbles of flesh while you try to rescue trees is an interesting pitch. Have to wonder how much cheese and other questionable substances helped create that.

Beavl and Nonsense Arts are now building the game for PC and Mac with the Unity engine, and it’s available to play it an early form over at itch.io for the grand old price of free.



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