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‘Dead Within’ Trailer Attacked By “Them”! (Exclusive)



Dead Within

“Every mark on that fridge is one of them…”

Millennium Entertainment – the company behind Texas Chainsaw 3D – recently picked up U.S. rights to psychological thriller Dead Within from director Ben Wagner.

Bloody Disgusting has your exclusive first look at the official trailers, and boy is it a doozy! The trailer shows two people trapped in a cabin because, apparently, there are some sort of creatures waiting for them outside. If you watch closely, there’s a shot with a bunch of ghoulish tiny hands on a window – something right out of David Cronenbverg’s The Brood.

Me = officially excited.

Set six months after a deadly outbreak that has all but ended the human race, a man and woman have survived by isolating themselves in a remote cabin and never opening the door. Now, they don’t have a choice. Starved for resources, they must confront the horrors that threaten them…but what’s inside may be even more toxic than what remains outside.

Starring Amy Cale Peterson and Dean Chekvala (“True Blood”), Dead Within was filmed as an immersive experience, with the actors locked in a cabin throughout the duration of filming, completely unaware of what scares would be thrown their way.

The primal fear of an invader just outside the door expanded into a story of a couple trapped by the choices that had kept them alive, despite losing everyone and everything around them,” says Wagner. “We created a world that twists genre conventions we know and love – suspense, fear of the unknown, mindbending thrills, jolting horror – to tell a universal story about trust and survival.

Millennium is looking at fall for a multi-platform release.

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