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Meet the Vampire That Creates ‘Dracula’ In This ‘Untold ‘ Trailer



Dracula Untold

Yesterday we referenced a new trailer that shared our first glimpse of the vampire that creates Dracula in Universal Pictures’ Dracula Untold, the Gary Shore-directed version of Bram Stoker’s novella, in theaters October 17, 2014. The full trailer was just released, and although it’s dubbed the “international” cut, it’s the same one I saw in theaters this past weekend. It shows how Dracula is the film’s protagonist and also shares why he chooses to become a monster. Again, pretty cool if it were’t for the bat effects.

In the film, “Luke Evans is starring as the most famous of vampires in an origin story that sees a Transylvanian prince risk eternal damnation in order to save his wife and son from a Turkish horde. Barks will play a figure in Eastern European folk tales known as a baba yaga, a beautiful young woman who turns into a savage witch. Kristjansson will play Bright Eyes, an Eastern European taken as a slave as a young boy and now a vicious assassin in the Ottoman Army. Parkinson will play Dracula’s son, named Ingeras.

Starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Zach McGowan, Samantha Barks, Thor Kristjansson and Art Parkinson, the film was shot in Belfast last year.

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