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Warner Archives to Release Hitchcock’s ‘Suspicion’ on Blu-ray!

Suspicion 2

The Warner Archive Collection has a number of great titles available this week and next with Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion leading the way! I’ve gathered up the ones that I believe will interest Villain Smash readers the most and you can check them all out below. Suspicion is the only Blu-ray and will be available April 12. The rest are all MOD DVDs and appear to be available now. Remember that the MOD DVDs must be ordered directly from the WBShop.com.

Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
One of suspense-master Hitchcock’s most sublime confections, this “did-he-do-it” pairs Joan Fontaine with Cary Grant for a fantastic result. Fontaine plays a bookish heiress on her way to early spinsterhood, while Grant is a penniless rogue who charms his way into her heart and manse. But as the glow of instant ardor fades, our young heiress fears she has taken more than a rogue to her bed… Her greatest nightmare? That she loves him so much, she may not care that he is a monster. Presented in sparkling 1080p HD from a new high definition transfer, Suspicion has not been so crystal clear since scaring audiences 75 years ago.

Special Features (in SD):
-“Before the Fact: Suspicious Hitchcock” making of documentary
-Theatrical Trailer

The notice in the paper reads, “Demobilized Officer, finding peace unbearably tedious would welcome any excitement. Legitimate, if possible, but crime of humorous description, no objection. Reply at once – Box X 10, The Times.” With the placement of this curiously worded advert, Capt. Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond, WWI veteran and peace-time ‘casualty’, boldly entered the annals of adventuring class. Quick-witted and two-fisted, the creation of Herman C. “Sapper” McNeile busted crime across the continents and across novels, plays, films and more. Ronald Colman makes his Talkie debut as the titular hero in Bulldog Drummond (1929) featuring Joan Bennett as the lady that answers the ad, desperate for answers about her uncle’s breakdown and the sinister asylum tending to his treatment. Next, Walter Pidgeon dons the ‘one-twos’ of Bulldog, as the sleuth is called out of retirement by Scotland Yard and forced to pair up with…a woman (Margaret Leighton) in Calling Bulldog Drummond (1951).

Long before mistress of mysteries Dorothy L Sayers’ famed gentry detective Lord Peter Wimsy was rediscovered on this side of the Atlantic thanks to a series of British mysteries that aired on PBS, Robert Montgomery played a decidedly different version of Lord Peter in this adaptation of the stage play Busman’s Honeymoon by Ms. Sayers and Muriel St. Clare Byrne. Constance Cummings plays the successful mystery writer Harriet Vane, Lord Peter’s long-time love interest, who has finally agreed to marry Lord Peter on one condition – no more crime. Unfortunately for the newlyweds, Lord Peter’s surprise wedding present comes complete with a murdered corpse… Arthur B. Woods directs this longer, international cut.

Robert Montgomery plays David Conway, unsuccessful shipbuilder and husband to Lynn, an uber-successful theatrical manager. When New Bedford Mass offers the New Yorker a chance to be the breadwinner, he discovers his wife is in no hurry to be a hausfrau. As the marriage strains under the tension, interlopers intercede with amorous intentions of their own (Binnie Barnes, Lee Bowman). Also starring Warren William. Directed by Richard Thorpe.

A team of doctors, scientists, and marines wage an unconventional war on a deadly foe on the island nation of Cuba. Under the direction of Dr. Walter Reed (Lewis Stone), the team revisits a controversial researcher’s (Charles Coburn) theory involving an infected mosquito in their mission to end the Yellow Fever plaguing the island. But it’s a simple serviceman’s (Robert Montgomery) potential sacrifice that may be the turning point. Also starring Virginia Bruce, Andy Devine, Henry Hull, Buddy Ebsen, Stanley Ridges and (reprising his stage role) Sam Levene. Based upon the Broadway play, inspired by Walter Reed’s real-life pioneering work in microbiology. Directed by George B. Seitz.