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Resident Evil: Degeneration Game For iPhone

If you couldn’t get enough of Resident Evil Degeneration, well now you can play it on your iPhone. Capcom has brought the movie of the same name in game form to your touch screen.

In the game, players take control of Leon S. Kennedy and an arsenal of bone-shattering weapons in order to combat a horde of zombies and horrific tyrants. Featuring high-resolution 3D graphics and intuitive context sensitive Multi-Touch controls, Resident Evil: Degeneration fully utilizes the accelerometer functionality of iPhone and iPod touch. Tilting the device will reload weapons, and a shake helps shrug off infected enemies. Action takes place from a third-person over the shoulder perspective, and in-engine cut scenes help propel the engaging story forward. Past the break for screens..

You can buy Resident Evil: Degeneration for the iPhone and iPod touch for $6.99 from Apple’s App Store on the iPhone and iPod touch or right in the itunes store.



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