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Todd McFarlane Could Revisit Animated ‘Spawn’ Series

After years of empty promises, legendary comic artist Todd McFarlane enlisted Blumhouse to help get his independent Spawn reboot off the ground. With plans to shoot in February, he’s also hoping to take the franchise back to the small screen.

“I’m going to get the [Spawn] movie out and then we still have the rights for TV and animation and we’ll just figure it out,” he told ScreenGeek at the New York Comic-Con. “I’ve also got to figure out how to get Keith David in my movie, too. Just for one line.”

David provided the voice of Spawn on HBO’s “Todd McFarlane’s Spawn”, which ran from 1997 to 1999.

While “Spawn” is a comic book character, McFarlane reiterates that he’s not making a superhero movie but a horror one:

“…it will be a definite R. I’m not going for the same crowd that Marvel and DC is going for; I’m going for the same crowd that horror film releases going for. People who want to take their boyfriend or girlfriend or go out with the girls and go to the movies and get spooked.”

Watch for updates on the Spawn movie as we head into the New Year.



  • ScaryLarryV

    The cartoon was actually badass and kinda creepy, if he makes the movie in the same tone as the cartoon, it should be cool.

  • Grimphantom
  • Darren Kerr

    The original HBO series was, and still is, quite brilliant.
    If they don’t water it down it would be worth a definite watch.

  • Travis Ignaffo

    The HBO series was great. Im a huge Spawn fan and i hope the new movie does great so we can see more Spawn related material in the future.

  • Travis William Smith

    Todd is so full of shit, and the guy has been pushing different project ever since the animated series ended in the 90s. I wish he would just shut the fuck up and finish something and then start talking about other projects

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