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10 Stellar Reasons to Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ Sunday!

Premiering Halloween night (like, this Sunday!) at 10/9c on AMC, Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead, based on the comic series created by Robert Kirkman, is the most highly-anticipated new show of the season for horror fans. What, you aren’t excited? You really should be – and inside B-D gives you ten good reasons why. Please, just take our word for it.
Ten stellar reasons to watch The Walking Dead premiere this Sunday:

1. Frank Darabont directed it.

Not a big TV watcher? Neither am I – but Frank Darabont is a top-notch film director, meaning the likelihood of the pilot being of better-than-average caliber for a television show is pretty high. Not to mention, Darabont knows horror – his adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist, in my opinion, was one of the greatest scare movies of the last decade. Being the Walking Dead showrunner, he also has much more invested in the series than he would if this were just a one-off directing assignment – so you can bet your ass he’s brought all of his considerable cards to the table for this baby.

2. It’s on AMC.

Who would’ve ever thought that the channel formerly known as American Movie Classics would come to rival HBO and Showtime in its commitment to quality original television programming? Over the past three years the cable network has launched two excellent series – Mad Men and Breaking Bad – that have garnered both enormous critical acclaim and hefty audience numbers. AMC’s recent focus on prestige output – Men and Bad have 19 Emmys between them – bodes well for The Walking Dead‘s chances of not sucking. Of course…

3. Even if it sucks, high viewership numbers will create buzz and send the message to TV suits that we want more horror programming.

There’s always the possibility that The Walking Dead will turn out to be a total dud (though I highly doubt it), but the chances of seeing a continued dearth of original horror series on television is almost certain if no one ends up watching. You can bet that big numbers – and the watercooler buzz that goes along with it – will mean the greenlighting of other T.V. shows in the horror vein, which can’t help but benefit us fans in the long run. Bonus points if you’re a “Nielsen family”!

4. Robert Kirkman is heavily involved.

It’s always a red flag when the creator of the source material distances themselves from the adaptation, but Kirkman is not only serving as executive producer but also penned the fourth episode. As one of the premiere genre comic book writers working today, Kirkman knows quality – not to mention how to please fans of the graphic novels – so his hands-on involvement can’t be seen as anything but an asset to the show.

5. Greg Nicotero did the special effects.

Not only are the f/x said to be mostly practical for the series (no fake-looking I Am Legend “zombies”), but the legendary Greg Nicotero is the one handling them. From his iconic work on Romero’s Day of the Dead to stellar recent outings like Grindhouse and Drag Me to Hell, Nicotero is one of the best around – meaning even if you don’t dig the show, you can be damn sure all that decayed flesh is going to look stunning on screen. Which brings us to our next item…

6. The zombies look pretty freakin’ cool.

Any zombie film that’s worth its salt simply must give us (duh) awesome-looking zombies, and the images and footage we’ve seen so far of Walking‘s living dead has us salivating (that decaying zombie torso crawling along the grass in the trailer is insanely awesome). Oh yeah, did I mention…?

7. The promo is really, really good.

I know, I know – good trailers don’t necessarily translate into good films (A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, anyone?), but the 4



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