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‘Apollo 18’: Feast Your Eyes on Some Real Conspiracy Theories

Dimension Films will take off for the moon on September 2 with their found footage Apollo 18 (visit the film’s official website), which purports to have edited to together declassified footage – that leaked onto the web earlier this year – from a NASA mission that supposedly never happened.

With the rise of the Web and internet investigators, searching Google for anything from “Moon landing” to “Apollo NASA” will turn over more conspiracy threads than actual stories from authentic press outlets. Is there something in the rise of conspiracy theories and supposed evidence, or is it just inflated due to the average person’s ability to kick start their own blog?

While I would never suggest to you dear readers that the moon landing was faked, or that canceled Apollo missions were actually launched by NASA, there is an entire community dedicated to outing NASA and proving to the world that we’re ALL be lied to.

Technology has made it incredibly easy for those seeking evidence to do their own searching/investigatin. There’s Google Earth, Moon and Mars, with NASA declassifying thousands of hi-res imagery from their satellites and missions to the Moon and Mars. Conspiracy hounds have been sniffing through these images and videos in hopes of discovering evidence that proves NASA is lying, which is where films like Apollo 18 are inspired from.

Some very interesting items of note? Why not read about how NASA photoshopped the dark side of Saturn’s moon (a NASA emplloyee openly admitted to it, claiming it was to clean the image). Or, try searching for water on Mars back in 2008 or 2009, when it was just revealed a few weeks ago. You’ll also find all sorts of interesting stuff if you read about the moon and Photoshop; try searching for “Moon photos taped,” as some people claim to have uncovered NASA’s old tricks of putting tape over various areas of the moon. Not to mention the thousands who claim to have proven the moon landing was faked by the way the American flag is shadowed and pictured.

If this stuff interests you, and you want to go down the rabbit hole, read on for some links and random videos I pulled off the Tube.
Random links:

Evidence Of NASA Airbrushing Out Moon Anomalies, and more.
Apollo moon mission photo of US flag with no shadow, but astronaut has shadow.
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Random videos from around the globe
Alien Building On Dark Side Of Moon Discovered, White Ceramic Structures.
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