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[Random Cool] ‘Apogee Of Fear’ The First Sci-Fi Horror Film Actually Shot In Space!

That guy you see in the picture above is Richard Garriott, and he shot Apogee Of fear, an 8 minute sci-fi horror short. And he shot it in space. For real!

Apparently Garriott visited the international space station in 2008 as on a paid civilian trip. The screenplay was written by Tracy Hickman and two NASA astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut served as the crew.

There was some doubt that that short would get released due to the intergalactic equivalent of not having a film permit (NASA says Garriott’s film was outside the scope of his agreement with them), but that seems to have been cleared up now. Perhaps we can se Apogee Of Fear in the near future.

Per Wired, “NASA is working with Richard Garriott to facilitate the video’s release. While the project was not part of his original Space Act agreement with NASA, everyone involved had the best of intentions. We hope to resolve the remaining issues expeditiously, and we appreciate Richard’s cooperation and his ongoing efforts to get people excited about the future of space exploration.

Thanks to Jonathan Barkan for passing this info along. What do you guys think? Want to see a short horror film actually shot in space?



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